An Open Letter To Saba Qamar From An Indian Journalist

An Open Letter To Saba Qamar From An Indian Journalist
Saba Qamar's Bollywood debut in  Hindi Medium opposite Irrfan Khan has brought the starlet some major attention, not just in Pakistan but across the border as well.

Saba could not travel to India to promote the movie in person, therefore getting in touch with her became inconvenient for Indian journalists. One such journalist disappointed at his inability to the interview the Lahore Se Aagay star has penned an open letter to her instead.

In the letter, the Mumbai-based Faridoon Shahryar writes down all the questions he would have asked the Hindi Medium star.

Beginning the letter with all praise for our October cover star,

"I have rarely laughed during a movie in the recent times the way I did courtesy your delightful emotional blackmailing in Hindi Medium. The fluttering of big eye lashes, the striking hair waving in tremendousness and tall beautifulness. No wonder Irrfan just can’t say no at any of your, just or unjust ‘demands’," he writes.

He also shares how his earlier efforts to interview Saba have not been fruitful,

"I have been trying to fix up an interview with you but my efforts are going in vain. In fact it’s a taboo to even talk about Pakistani artistes these days but somehow I don’t mind being called ‘names’ as the idea of equating Art with War is bizarre, irrational and ridiculous. Jinka kaam ahle siyaasat hai to wahi samjhen, apna paighaam to mohabbat hai, jahan tak pahuche."

The questions varied from her professional experience to the personal aspects of her trip:

"What was your reaction when you heard the story screenplay of Hindi Medium?"

"Did you try out the delicious food in Puraani Dilli and Chandni Chowk?"

"Did you have apprehensions while folding hands in a temple considering the hardliners in Pakistan have extreme views about such matters?"

He concluded the letter on a hopeful note and here's wishing Saba responds to his questions!