Slam Dunk: Five Health Benefits of Basketball

Slam Dunk: Five Health Benefits of Basketball
One of the world’s most popular games, basketball teaches it’s players discipline, teamwork and most of all, it keeps your health in line. Why not play basketball in your driveway or garden while you are in lockdown? Here are five health benefits that will have you convinced.

Stress Relief

Basketball needs you to invest your energy to the fullest. Adrenaline released while playing will relieve stress and help you beat depression and have an aggression-free life outside the game. 

Overall workout 

The game itself involves a range of actions — twists and turns not only help in burning fat but provide better overall exercise i. Research has also proven that the nature of the game helps players build stronger muscles. 

Cardiovascular health

The game keeps players on their toes and running. This benefits in keeping heart diseases and other cardiovascular diseases at bay. Longevity and health is impacted greatly. 

Increased bone density and mass

Players are often required to have a balanced diet involving all sorts of proteins because the game itself requires strength, as well as fighting enzymes. The exercises involved and the daily workout is directly linked to increasing the bone density and body mass. 

The benefit? Bone diseases and joint problems can disappear. 

Interval training 

Basketball requires players to be running and halting at different paces. The heart learns to adjust and operate with the required beating rates while pumping blood through the veins. This activity of running at different paces mimics interval training techniques which is designed specifically for a better working heart.


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