Tonite With HSY Episode 3: "Everything Was In Good Humour" - Syra Shahroz

Tonite With HSY Episode 3:
Of the many late night shows, one that recently made it to headlines is Tonite with HSY's Season 4 episode 3 featuring the two beautiful sisters, Alishba and Syra Shehroz. The show that serves as a purpose of entertainment was recently blown out of proportion and titled as 'controversial' and the comments that were passed by the celebrities during the show were quoted as being offensive and hurtful. What is interesting to note here is that amidst all the humour, fun and games that the show stands for, fans have taken this to a whole new level. If you haven't yet seen the episode, you are missing out and it is not just because of Syra's billion dollar smile but her brutally honest responses as well!

The show started off as a casual chat with the host HSY and the Chalay Thay Saath movie star who admits that she is a lady of taste who likes her food warm and delicious - just how it is supposed to be! We also learn some interesting facts about Syra and without giving too much away, she is adventurous, fun, responsible 'practical' as described by her elder sister Alishba and was recently offered a Hollywood movie that she turned down because she didn't seem the role fit. Later joined by her elder sister, Alishba, who also shares that she changed her name from Saima to Alishba because it was too 'simple'.

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However, as if this wasn't it, the sisters play a round of 'Karwa Satch' where they are asked to name a person/celebrity that comes first to their mind when a question is asked. The questions varied from which actress when seen on screen makes your blood boil to naming one actress who can act but really can't dance. We truly respect the duo for being honest and to be fair their expressions and of course their laughter made it a light hearted conversation over all, just to find out that fans of the other celebrities took this as offensive. This raises an interesting question here, have we become so prone to offensive comments that when it comes to fun and games, it is difficult for us to accept that the actresses were perhaps just passing a comment in light of the show or is it truly that offensive to play a round of a game that would not have been as entertaining if the actresses hadn't played along.

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We asked Syra and here is what she has to say:

"Umm about the controversy that's been formed around this whole HSY show, I would like to say that first of all everything was said in good humour and I am very sure that my colleagues understood it better than the fans. It's a funny fun show where slightly funny and off questions are asked and just to match the shows pace an entertainer needs to give fun answers. That said, my colleagues are my friends too and if they didn't like anything they would've easily called me on this but I know that they understand the nature of HSY's show as well (laughing) . And I hope the fans understand this too someday."

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