2021 was exceptional in terms of the drama we got to watch; we had a wide range of topics that writers emphasized - from comedy-dramas like Chupke Chupke to relatively woke dramas like Phaans. Some were straight-up pieces of art - Raqeeb sai, DNUTN - that did not let viewers move their eyes from the screen for even a second. However, what rendered these dramas to spectacular are those acting in them. Even though we have new additions in the industry every year, it will not be wrong to say that 2021 entirely belonged to the debutants. Today we are listing down a few such breakthrough performances.



Hadiqa Kiani started her music career more than 20 years ago, but only recently did she make her TV appearance with BeeGul's drama Raqeeb Se. It won't be unfair to suggest that Kiani made the year's outstanding debut; her performance as Sakina was breathtaking. The character was so beautifully written and portrayed even more gracefully; we all felt her pain and cried with her. Currently, Kiani can be found in Hum Tv's Dobara  where her acting is appealing in all its awe. 


Arsalan, popularly known as CBA, previously had his own YouTube page Comics By Arsalan. He debuted in Chupke Chupke this year; he played a comedic role, and it felt like it was an extension of Arsalan's YouTube persona. Nonetheless, it was a stellar performance and an outstanding debut. He did a telefilm, "Hona Tha Pyar", alongside Sanam Jung after that, but we wish to see more of him on our screens!


Mishi from chupke chupke stole everyone's heart. Aymen's realistic acting paired with good comic timing made the character all the more enjoyable. Even though Aymen emerges from a banking background, she always loved being in front of the camera. She mentioned that she hosted many shows in her college life and also appeared in Umer Sharif's show after setting a world record. Soon after chupke chupke ended, Aymen announced her retirement that she quickly took back. We will see her in a new character very soon alongside Hira Mani and Shehzad Sheikh.


Social media content creator, Saqib rose to fame as his reaction to Pakistan Cricket’s performance in World Cup went viral. However, no one knew that a fun-loving carefree guy that they would see on social media had such an amazing hidden talent to him. Momin Saqib made an acting debut with Hum Tv’s drama Essa in Raqs e Bismil. This turned out to be the project that put his name on the map, not because of how popular it became but also because of his acting skills. Momin Saqib has shown that he has it in him to spellbind the viewers with his performance on screen. There is this rawness to his craft that sets him apart and at the beginning of his career, he has proved that he is here to stay and has that star power to him


Sadoon did an outstanding job translating Jamshed's emotions and struggles in Dil Na Umeed Tou Nahin. People were so invested in Jamshed: who told us about the hardships of children forced into labour and neglected by their families. Sadoon's effortless acting made us like the character so much. Jamshed's role wasn't easy and Sadoon showed us the true range as an actor. It wouldn't be wrong to say that he is one of the most talented actors among the young lot we expect only the best from him in the future and are excited to see him in new projects.


Hassan, popularly known as HSY or Sheru, is a designer, who made his debut in Pehli Si Muhabbat as an actor - what an impactful performance might we add? This character was definitely out of his comfort zone, and he nailed it. We expected only the best from him and he did not disappoint us we are hoping that he takes on more such interesting characters.


Khushaal recently won the Hum Style Award for Rising Star (2019-2020); no doubt, he is a supermodel. Recently we saw him on our screens as well. He debuted in Qissa Meharbano Ka. However, the character was written in a way that it did not have much to offer. We could see how beautifully Khushaal acted; we also saw him in Mahira Khan's telefilm Aik Hai Nigar where he played the character of Shahid, Nigar's younger brother. It wouldn't be a lie to say that we all cried with him in the scene when his parents died; he has a stellar screen presence currently, we are seeing him in Bebasi.


Zaviyar, the eldest son of Nauman Ejaz, debuted this year in Qissa Meharbano ka. We can see that he has the same screen presence as his father, although he faced some backlash for this character because people constantly kept comparing him to his father - wrongly of course since this was his first and he did a fantastic job in it. We will soon see him in Sang-e-Mah sequel of the Famous drama Sang-e-MarMar


Asad debuted this year with the role of Guru in Parizaad, and when we say he left us speechless, we mean it from the first scene. We were hooked and definitely wanted to see more of him on our screens. 


Azaan Sami Khan in Ishq-e-laa as Azlan

Dananeer Mobeen in Sinf-e-ahan as Syeda Sidra

Talha Chahour in Jou Bichar Gaye as Capt. Farrukh

Nabeel Bin Shahid in Akhir kab tak as Bisaam

Meerub Ali in Sinf-e-Ahan as Gul

Raza Abid in Parizaad as Shauki

Bonita Malik in DNUTN as young Allah Rakhi

Hira Khan in Phaans as Farah