The latest episodes of Momina’s Mixed Plate featured some of the hottest superstars in the industry as they revealed a tonne about themselves and then some! From hidden talents to behind the scenes, stories of upcoming projects, and thoughts on changing the social systems, one thing is for sure, MMP has something for everyone.

Everyone knows, what makes a talk show great is an energetic host. Someone who can ask a multitude of questions but yet makes things interesting. All brilliant interviewers tend to create a space where celebrities open up about their lives while keeping the vibes lighthearted. One such host we love is the extremely vibrant journalist Momina Sibtain, who has single-handedly made one of the best online chat shows in Pakistan. With A-listers playing fun games to voice how society can change for the betterment of everyone, this online chat show stands out for its thoroughly enjoyable conversations as well as its jovial energy. Here’s a list of our favorite guests on Momina’s Mixed Plate and what we enjoyed most about the fun-filled interviews: 


One of the most famous episodes of MMP included actress and model Hira Tareen who left us mind-boggled with her hidden talent turning her feet almost all around! The starlet revealed that she would scare guests as a child just to get a reaction out of them. She also disclosed the reason why she stopped taking on new roles and emphasized that there aren’t any good characters written for women as scriptwriters still follow outdated archetypical depictions of women on television. 


We loved guessing old Urdu/Hindi songs translated in English with Zhalay Sarhadi as her voice stole our hearts! The actress discussed her hilarious wardrobe malfunctions on the set of her upcoming film ‘Car Ma’ and opened up about her grandfather who was one of the creators of ‘Mughal e Azam’.


The powerful and beautiful Zarnish Khan played a fun-filled game of ‘would you rather’ and spilled the tea on her upcoming projects including her unconventional role in ‘Dulhan Exposed’ which is based on the concept of how men can do so much that women can’t do according to society as well as her other project ‘Aetbar’. 


Ace actor Osama Tahir, on the other hand, opened up about his journey into acting from the corporate world, how he took a leap of faith and pursued his passion. The superstar also critiqued the education system in Pakistan and voiced problems with the current education system in Pakistan stating that true learning teaches people to question “why?”. 


Lastly, the master of creating commercials people love to watch, Asad Ul Haq gave a tour on District 19 and explained how there aren’t many venues in Karachi that promote leisure for the sake of creativity on the latest episode. He further went on to reveal a harsh truth about advertisements in Pakistan and shared why creativity is still lackluster in commercials as well as systems that inhibit creativity. 

Momina’s Mixed Plate has been quite the ride so far and we have loved every minute of it! 

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