Life before Malls!

Life before Malls!
What comes to your mind when you hear the word Dolmen Mall? It’s impossible not to feel nostalgic. The place has seen you grow over the years, whether as a kid at Sindbad; or as a teenager hanging out with friends in the food court and later rushing through the stores for that perfect graduation dress; or for even bigger events such as those endless shopping sprees for your wedding! However, life before Dolmen Mall was a completely different scenario. Check out some of those memories:

You Would Have to Plot and Plan your Shopping Trips

A shopping trip was never a one day deal; you would have to return to the same place the next day. Your wish to create one classy look would take you on a crazy trip around city roads choked with traffic; facing everyday hustle-bustle; going through narrow galis (streets); and when you finally reached your destination, only to find that there was no parking to be found.

No Access to International Brands or Unusual Products

Thankfully, malls today have many cruelty free and vegan products — lucky us! Unlike the time before malls existed — the only way one could have cruelty free and vegan products was if some relative was flying back from abroad and would get those as gifts for you.

International brands were only accessible if you or a friend or relative went abroad to shop! And the prices abroad equated to years of savings, including endless roundtrips to passport and visa offices, not to mention the never-ending wait for a visa — you were doomed if you never got it! You often thought: If only if those brands delivered to Pakistan, it would have been a little easier!


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