Invigilator Accused Of Harassing Over 80 Female Students

Invigilator Accused Of Harassing Over 80 Female Students
An invigilator at Bahria College, Islamabad was accused of harassing over 80 female students appearing in their intermediate exams at the prestigious institute. 

Saadat Bashir, who is a biology professor at  Islamabad Model College for Boys, Sector H-9, had been sent by the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE) to invigilate the three-day-long exam.

The students accused Saadat Bashir of inappropriately touching and passing indecent comments at them during their Biology practical exam.

A student to to Facebook to reveal that she was groped twice by the examiner during her practical exam on May 24.

“He twice touched me inappropriately during the exams,” she wrote.

The student went on to add that the examiner had inappropriately touched almost about 80 students and passed nasty comments at them.

The victims, she added, did not file a complaint against the invigilator earlier as he kept threatening to deduct their marks.

Meanwhile, the college has lodged an official complaint to the board alleging harassment and misconduct on the part of the invigilator.

On the contrary, Bashir denied the allegations, saying he had been mentally tortured and even threatened since the issue had gone viral.

“I might have bumped into someone in the lab where many students were performing dissection but that does not mean it was deliberate or I wanted to harass students”.

According to her, “I’m a struggling teacher with 12 years of experience and my family is in shock after this malicious campaign against me.”