Summer Skin Update: Physiogel For The Win

Summer Skin Update: Physiogel For The Win
As the seasons change, so should your skincare regime. With summer now upon us, the newest products to hit the beauty counters at our near-by grocery stores include moisture-boosting lotions, dark-circle-busting eye creams alongside sun blocks and brightening masks designed to give your skin the summer clean it needs after the dry weather. Here are some products that we tried and tested from Physiogel's range and fell in love with this year around!

Daily Defence: Physiogel Protective Day Cream Light SPF15:

This miracle cream is proven to defend skin from dehydration and environmental aggressors that serves as both a moisturiser and a shield that makes skin less sensitive. Ideal for toasty temperatures, it also brightens skin giving it a summer-ready glow; a simple yet effective step to add to your regime with visible results.

 Daily Defence:  Protective Day Cream Rich SPF15:

Similar to the Protective Day Cream Light, the rich variant is one suitable  best for those with very dry to sensitive skin whereas the light version is best for normal to combination skin. What we loved best about this product was that it helps irritability while giving protection from the harsh sun rays. Usually, most people believe that moisturising skin is only required for the harsh winter but with a cream like this one it sure makes it fun to use all year-round!

Daily Defence Replenishing Night Cream:

Designed for the modern-day women with their on-the-go busy schedules, late nights and early mornings. This night cream is no ordinary, it works on giving your skin the moisture it requires as you slumber. It repairs and strengthens skin's barrier function, settles in the moisture providing a radiant flow while you take your much-earned rest. Though, this is designed to be a little heavier than the day cream but it doesn’t feel uncomfortable.

Daily Moisture Therapy Lotion:

Moisturisers are a staple in Pakistanis skincare regimes, but this one is no ordinary. It is designed to keep skin, healthy, soft, smooth, less irritable and less sensitive. Apply after cleansing your skin for an extra hydration boost. Suited for all temperatures and skin types but works the best if you have sensitive or dry skin.