Melt-Proof Makeup For The Summer Time

Melt-Proof Makeup For The Summer Time
As summer approaches its peak, the battle of trying to keep our make up settled is continuous. The sun is shining, the temperature is rising and we are forced to face one of the worst enemies of our foundation: Humidity! After years of experimenting with different products and techniques, I have conquered the art of melt-free make up!

1. Preparing your skin is the key to success and the pathway to melt-free make up. Using the right skin care for your skin type significantly affects the outcome of your finished look. Many women struggle to recognise their skin, but finding your true skin type is an extensive topic which requires an additional post. Finding the right base and the right moisturiser for your skin is of utmost importance. Once you have found the correct moisturiser, it should be applied 10 minutes before any make up touches your face. Leaving the moisturiser to set is crucial.

2. Use a primer. I'm sure you have heard this millions of times before, but underestimating the power of a primer is disastrous. Alongside your moisturiser, it is important to let the primer sink into the skin for a couple of minutes before moving on to foundation. Using a silicone based primer is also extremely helpful as silicone acts as a film between your skin and the humidity, which is great as it prevents everything from sliding off. My personal favourite is Benefit’s porefessional primer as it works perfectly for oily skin. However, the smash box photo-finish primer, in my eyes, is the ultimate winner for all skin types.

3. My favourite foundation for the summers is the Estēe Lauder double wear foundation as it is the only one that actually lasts throughout the day, especially on my oily skin. For those with dryer skin types, the Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation works perfectly for the summer heat as it is super light-weight with great holding properties! I prefer to apply my foundation with a brush and blend it in with a damp beauty blender. Damp beauty blenders are great as they pick up any excess product off the skin which is helpful as more foundation equals eventual patchiness in humidity.

4. Powder your face to set your makeup. You can bake your face in order to mattify and make everything bulletproof or you can lightly set your face to maintain some glow.

5. You need waterproof mascara and eye liner but that’s a no-brainer. My go-to liner is Bobbi brown’s long-wear gel liner in black ink. It has a smooth, clean finish which is ideal for the perfect winged liner.

6. A lightweight setting spray adds the finishing touch. It creates a fresh and vibrant feel, which helps the make up come together whilst increasing longevity. Urban decay setting sprays won me over a long time back and i havent looked for another brand ever since.

These steps will help in the lasting power of your makeup and will ensure you feeling glamorous all day!

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