Every sweet has a different taste, but all spread the same sweetness.

Quitting sugar habits can be challenging—even for the most determined and strong-willed people. The Coronavirus Pandemic led the world to a dramatic loss of human life and an unprecedented challenge to public health. However, the positive thing about the COVID-19 was it helped people re-evaluate their nutrition because it has underlined the link between food and health. 

The Pandemic has made people aware of the harm which sugar can do to their health as it leads to various medical conditions including obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, as well as poor dental health. 

Many studies have proven that sugar impacts your mind and body negatively and tricks you into wanting more and more of it. However, the good news is that a little sweetness is ok—emphasis on little for your sweet tooth craving. While there are multiple options, including honey and jaggery (Gurr), table-top sweeteners are the only non-nutritive sweeteners that offer low to zero calories. 

People are now more inclined towards fitness, weight management and want to reduce their daily calorie intake, low-calorie sweeteners, like Canderel – an international brand, with advances in sweeteners works as a rescuer. It comes in different forms to suit all tastes and uses like brilliant bakers out there, Canderel Granules are best to withstand high oven temperatures, or if you like to sweeten your coffee at the office desk or during travel, Canderel Tablets are a great choice.

Sweeteners like Canderel provides the sweetness of sugar but with extremely low calories. 1 teaspoon of Sugar stocks 20 calories while 1 Tablet or 1 teaspoon of Granules is about 0.33 calories only.  

Canderel is used and loved in more than 25 countries around the world and has proven to be effective in weight management, calorie control, preventing tooth decays and managing blood sugar levels.

In Pakistan, sweeteners are perceived as a sugar alternative for diabetic patients only. However, if you are on a diet and want to quit sugar, Canderel can also be used as a perfect alternative. Low-calorie sweeteners are recognized and approved safe to use by renowned organizations such as The World Health Organization (WHO), Food and Drug Administration of US (FDA), European Food Safety Association (EFSA), etc.  

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