Traversing Nabila's Journey: From an Amateur Love for Haircutting to Becoming a Force to Reckon With

Traversing Nabila's Journey: From an Amateur Love for Haircutting to Becoming a Force to Reckon With
For over three decades, pioneering stylist and makeup maestro Nabila has magically been transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. With an innate genius for remaining ahead of the times and an aesthetic defined by classic sophistication, she has constantly fostered the upward spiral of her career with new benchmarks, innovative techniques and unforgettable images.

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Brick by brick, Nabila has built her empire on a simple philosophy; to look good, feel good and live better. To invent and reinvent style constantly and consistently; to make fashion exciting rather than just enjoyable; to work her famous Midas touch and make statements that proceed to become a nationwide rage is her forte.

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Her journey started at the mere age of eleven when she would snip disjointedly at her own hair with a pair of kitchen scissors in an attempt to fix a lousy haircut she had been  given. Over the years, this childhood hobby transformed into a successful profession and today, she is the best at what she does.

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In an exclusive chat with Hello! Nabila reveals her inimitable vision for the future.

You are known to have a penchant for experiments. In a conservative culture like Pakistan where typical pretty, fair-skinned looks are often applauded, have your out-of-the-box inventions ever backfired?

I would rather than critics love or hate me than be ambivalent towards my work. I hate being unnoticed. I have never shied away from experimentation out of the fear of bad publicity.

You have recently diversified from the service sector to retail. How is that working out for you? Any future plans for your fledging retail line?

I love the shift from service to retail. I have discovered a hidden talent for creating ground-breaking solutions for image-related problems and communicating them to consumers. In the near future, I foresee that people will have less time to spend at the salon and these DIY solutions will become an absolute must.

What do you think has been your greatest contribution to Pakistani fashion and style?

I think I have cleaned up unnecessary clutter, putting the focus on clean, crisp and fresh images.

Three decades down and you are still as passionate. What keeps you hooked?

My passion for change.

Over the years you have collaborated with multinationals across Pakistan. How has this helped propel your career?

My work with multinationals has helped me understand structure and institutionalisation and instill it within my own business

Where do you see yourself and your brand five years from now?

I am hoping to be a recognised as an international, household name. It would be great for a Pakistani woman to become a global success.