7 Things Women Are Tired Of Hearing

7 Things Women Are Tired Of Hearing

1. It's just a compliment! Don't be so uptight.

It's frustrating when harassment is disguised with the layer of compliments and appreciation. Women are well aware when they are feeling discomfort and violated by particular conversations or gestures. Just because she is not interested, or finds the conversation uncomfortable does not make her uptight, instead, it makes you an offender if you pursue it further.

2. When will you get married?

Every woman faces this question as soon as she enters her adult life. For some, this begins right after puberty and a women's life transforms into centring around marriage only. Marriage is an important choice of an individual, but not the only significant thing about life. 

3. A woman is at her best when she has a husband by her side.

A woman is at her best when she feels she is at her best. A husband does not guarantee success or fulfilment. It is dreadful how women are viewed as useless and unhappy without a spouse by their side. Marriage is not a gateway for forever happiness, neither is a single woman a signature for failure in life.

4. She's pretty, she can have any job she wants.

Pretty privilege is a reality, but reducing women down by their looks is highly concerning. It is sad when a hardworking individual is made to feel futile just because she fits the spectrum of conventional attractiveness. 

5. Don't be selfish; having children is a blessing.

Not choosing to have children is not a selfish act and women who do not desire to have children face this reaction every time they speak their hearts out. Let women choose what they want to do with their bodies and lives, and call it what it is; their choice.

6. Natural Makeup is better.

Makeup is an expression, so whether someone prefers glittery eyeshadow every day or dark red lipsticks on regular, it remains an individual's choice. 


7. Men will be men

Men should be accountable for their actions, not blame their instincts on everything. A woman is responsible for impacting everything in her life, but a man? It's not his fault, they are all like this. You protect yourself; you have to fix your surroundings; you are responsible for the crimes against your gender. All women can vouch to be annoyed by this statement, and want men to do better and be more answerable rather than dismissive. 

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