Meet Bisma Khan, The Youngest Self-Made Millionaire In Pakistan

Meet Bisma Khan, The Youngest Self-Made Millionaire In Pakistan
Meet 18-year-old Bisma Khan who is the youngest self-made millionaire in Pakistan. She has her own haircare and fashion brand which she manages all by herself, Also, did we mention how great of a rapper she is?

When my parents got separated, I was 17 and I was going through the most traumatic and depressing time of my life. I had two choices either of either becoming a junkie, and ruining my life. Or to become someone and motivate others who are going through the same hardships. I chose the latter.

I started my haircare brand, hoping to reach for the stars, yet with no money, nor experience. I was a YouTuber with a few thousand subscribers back then. But I didn’t do much, monetarily. But I knew there was no other option. I saved some Eidi and with PKR 6,000, I started my business. It was not easy at all being a 17-year-old girl who was naive and gullible. Being surrounded my dominant men, who tried taking advantage of my lack of knowledge always got to me but I never knew how to manoeuvre myself. I faced a lot. But I learnt so much through out this journey. I started off with making enough money that I started buying things for myself. Then I started paying my own fee for A’Levels. And within 5-months, I completely became financially independent.

I reinvested my money and started my own fashion line BK Drip. I design and hand paint denim jackets. I naturally started on a smaller scale, however, it was a success and within two weeks, my entire stock was sold out. I invested more money into my hair care brands marketing and worked on digital PR, which lead to a further increase in the sales of my ‘magic hair oil’.

Now I make PKR 900,000 per month from my hair oil only, while I’m constantly indulging in newer, more challenging endeavours. Running two businesses, a YouTube channel, an influencer profile on Instagram, I delved into the world of music with rap, something I have always been deeply passionate about. My debut rap Beti Bigar Gay was a massive hit. It has over 250k views on YouTube. And an international collaboration is on its way. I’m currently planning on working on short films as well, and am starting my own charity foundation to give back to society. And whilst my parents have been extremely supportive through all of it, I know I can say that the empire I’m trying to build is all me and nothing makes me prouder.

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