CornettoPopRock2: 'Aaja Na' Is No Ordinary Love Song

CornettoPopRock2: 'Aaja Na' Is No Ordinary Love Song
#CornettoPopRock2 rings in another hit titled Aaja Na by Qurram Hussain and Maria Unera. Bringing together two talented singers, the grand platform, Cornetto Pop Rock aims to revive the pop music culture that was once widely appreciated and popular amongst the youth of the country.

Together Maria and Qurram revved their guitars, putting in their best musical foot forward to deliver an upbeat number.

They poured their hearts out, delivered with verve and a pool of emotions, a track that hit straight home.

The energy and chemistry between the two is evident with the musical video that is short, sweet and sentimental - ideal for the youth looking for a song to bob their heads to or sing along to after a long day.

The music video for Aaja Na narrates the story of two young lovers living in parallel universes, their minds consumed by each other's thoughts. Though, they may just be ordinary humans, to each other they are special and anything but common. Unable to reach out to each other, they put a stop to their distance and longing by finding each other at a #cornettopoprock concert. The platform being a symbol of bringing together two lovers, reuniting them over music - a common ground that make both feel at home and safe. No surprise here as this is exactly what #CornettoPopRock stands for, bringing the youth together to groove and dance along to fun, free-spirited numbers!

Qurram, while talking about the song, said, ‘a modern song like Aaja Na with Maria Unera could only be possible on a platform like Cornetto Pop Rock. I can’t wait for everyone to hear the final result of the hard work, and watch the video, which will be a special feeling.’

#CornettoPopRock2 is the second season of #CornettoPopRock; a music platform aims to revive a pop and rock culture among the youth of Pakistan that was once prevalent but has evaporated with time by arranging concerts across Pakistan and releasing six music videos each season with established and upcoming rock stars of the country.

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