Superior University Establishes School Of Culinary Arts!

Some people keep on thinking while there are others who are amongst the go-getters. They have a special mindset to fulfill their dreams and aspirations in every possible and fairway. They are the real leaders and superior heroes in any society. Right from the time of inception, Superior University is indulged in exploring new horizons in the field of study programs, the introduction of an empathetic environment, and developing emotionally intelligent students is the main objective. The School of Culinary Arts is not an easy job to start as a new venture by the University. It requires the conviction, selection of great culinarians from the market, and then building an institute that carries global standard studio-like classrooms. The vision is to make it a leading culinary school in Pakistan, with guaranteed student success as a professional at the domestic or international level.


When the Superior University Top Management decided of opening up a “School of Culinary Arts”, one which will be a trademark in itself and can produce students with quality education to compete globally. It was decided that an institute of culinary arts as a separate entity under the umbrella of Superior University must be opened at the social, cultural, and industrial hub, Lahore. The selection of faculty, and the development of student psyche which is not to build culinary enthusiasts but professionals with great management skills, having great self-confidence, and the ones who can be successful entrepreneurs is the main objective. 

Superior University’s top management and faculty members understand that many youngsters want something viable, vital, vibrant, and sparkling like being a culinary artist, health, and nutrition expert. The Culinary Arts have long been recognized as a skill and more of an art in the world. The course design and the treatment of the students are quite unusual, with food aesthetics, preparation of healthy and tasty food. When they will be enrolled in the school then it means an entry into a peacefuland unique degree program which is going to produce great hospitality experts, managers, and entrepreneurs. At the campus, the students will find a well-equipped kitchen as a must part of their academic playgrounds. They will be experts in understanding the details of Pakistani cuisine and will get a firsthand grip over the most popular global cuisines as their field of study at the school. 

The students at the School of Culinary Arts (SCA) will not just know the names and the recipes of all these above-mentioned cuisines. But they will understand the value of each dish in that culture and society, and the art of presentation, garnishing, mostly used drinks along. The graduates will be able to get during study jobs as part of the Superior University’s 3U1M Program. They can do jobs at the most prestigious hotels, restaurants, hospitality industry-related organizations. Another interesting fact, they can be independent entrepreneurs. 

Superior University students always stands ahead of other graduates as the team’s philosophy is to introduce skilled and self-sufficient youth in the market. The entrepreneurship initiative is highly encouraged by the faculty and management. The same formula will be applied to the graduates of the School of Culinary Arts. To add, the professional culinarians are still few as compared to other professionals in Pakistan. The school’s graduates will be able to open up their own restaurants, fast food chains, ice cream parlors, cafes. They will be able to start up new ventures, scale up their existing family business. If they decide to be in five-star kitchens then the corridors will automatically be opened up for them. The investment in the study program at the School of Culinary Arts will be repaid in double up form, and even to a much bigger level. It is high time for young minds to explore and enter into studies and courses that are still really dealt with but give a chance to have a bigger bolder and superior future….!!

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