Anzhelika Rublevskaya Tahir, Miss Pakistan World's Journey to Success

Anzhelika Rublevskaya Tahir, Miss Pakistan World's Journey to Success

Anzhelika Rublevskaya Tahir entered the spot light on the world stage with her participation in the Miss Pakistan World 2015 beauty pageant, which was held in Toronto, Canada. She secured the 13th spot for herself with great ease and continued her journey. She was later spotted in the World Miss University 2016 Pageant in Beijing, China- where she was garnered as the 2nd runner up.

The half Ukranian, half Pakistani Anghelika grew up in Kiev, Russia but originally hails form a town in Pakistan- Sheikhupura. The first mixed race contestant representing Pakistan in a beauty pageant. Her interests have always been in the fashion and beauty industry, which is why she decided to study fashion design at college and now works as a stylist, alongside a successful modelling career.


She opens up emotionally in an interview,

“During my elementary days, I didn’t have friends. Because of my skin colour, no one wanted to sit with me at the desk”.


As a child she had trouble settling in a community where she was constantly made to feel like an outsider and was, sadly, a victim of racism.

However, she claims;

“I am very proud to represent my wonderful country in international pageants and to share a positive image of our land. This is an amazing way touching peoples perception and their mind about Pakistan and show Pakistan in the real form”.


When she was asked in an interview, what message she would like to send out to young girls all across the world, she replied,

“Well, I would like to give the advice- that never give up!”

She also spoke up against the recent murder of Qandeel Baloch on the same grounds,

“I’m so sad that such a horrible thing has happened. No matter what Qandeel’s choices were, murder was not the answer. Her brother should be brought to justice. I hope the women of Pakistan will unite to make a collective statement against honour killings.”

Photo Credits: Sameer Nisar