Momina Mustehsan Makes it to BBC's list of Top 100 Women

Momina Mustehsan Makes it to BBC's list of Top 100 Women

Coke Studio famed singer Momina Mustehsan has made it to the 2017 list of BBC's 100 inspirational women from around the world. She is also the only Pakistani woman this year to bag the award. 

"This year, the women on the list will be part of the 100 Women Challenge, tackling some of the biggest problems facing women around the world,"  BBC News reported.

Alongside Momina, the list includes women such as the Nasa astronaut Peggy Whitson, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia and England footballer Steph Houghton. Rupi Kaur is also part of the list.

In her short bio for the Challenge, the 25-year-old shared the philosophy she holds dear, and said has most impacted her life:

"The quote that helped me the most with my life was: It only gets better when you get better," she said. According to her, she came across the saying in a fortune cookie in New York when she was binge-eating her way through depression. "That woke me up," she added.

BBC 100 Women names being in its fifth year announces 100 influential and inspirational women around the world annually. This time around, they are challenging the 100 women "to tackle four of the biggest problems facing women today ─ the glass ceiling, female illiteracy, harassment in public spaces and sexism in sport".

Some of the women in the 100 Women list will be asked to come up with real-life solutions to help people cope up with their issues.

21-year-old Resham Khan, a Muslim aspiring model who was attacked with acid in a parked car on the eve of the her 21st birthday in June with her 37-year-old cousin Jamil Mukhtar has also been featured. However, currently, BBC has released just the first 60 names and there are "40 spaces in the list that have yet to be filled", the complete list will be released some time coming October.