Anoushay Ashraf's Beauty Secrets To Steal

Anoushay Ashraf's Beauty Secrets To Steal
We all wonder what magic tools and tricks it takes to make celebrities look so flawless. Everyone deserves glowing skin, sparkly nails and hair that blows effortlessly and gracefully in the wind just like the stars on the silver screen. Whether it's getting ready for a red carpet event or simply heading out for lunch on a manic Monday, every star has a beauty secret.

Anoushey Ashraf is one of those celebrities that always looks beautiful. No matter what. We had concluded that her secret was obviously a team of stylists on tap, a healthy lifestyle, and an envy-inducing glam squad. We spoke to her recently and were happily surprised to learn that she gets beautiful without endless makeup products and monotonous beauty regimes!

Anoushey told Hello!,

‘You should let your skin breathe every once in a while. Try not to apply makeup for a whole month and see how you get that natural glow. Giving your skin a good, long break is a must!’

‘Drink lots and lots and lots of water. The secret behind supple, glowing and always camera-ready skin is the amount of H20 you consume!’

‘Exercise regularly. Working out doesn't only help your figure but helps your complexion and leaves you feeling beautiful!’

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