4 Quick Tips For Happy and Healthy Skin This Summer

4 Quick Tips For Happy and Healthy Skin This Summer
The gloriously, long, hot days of summer are upon us and while it maybe thrilling to finally slip into those floral, uber-light lawn outfits, our skin couldn't be less happy. The toasty temperatures have begun to take a toll on our complexions, coaxing our T-zones to produce excess oil, cheeks to blotch and under-eyes to become more prominent than ever. Fortunately, there's a cure for every ailment. 

Here are a few trusted ingredients that you need to revive a glowing appearance:

Drink Plenty of Water:

Staying hydrated in one of the easiest ways to cool of and flush the body of toxins. This helps clear up skin and make it summer ready instantly! Think about this has the first step in your beauty routine.


A gentle scrub done on the face will help eliminate dead cells and dullness leaving your face healthy and ready to glow. Try these L'oreal Paris Skin Care clay masks that are affordable and work like a charm. Used frequently, a good clay mask can go a long way to draw out impurities, brighten dull, tired skin and, in the long term, help prevent breakouts.

Apply in-shower Moisturiser: 

Rather than having to dry off post a shower and apply lotion to the body, try a double-duty in shower body lotion that moisturises and sets all while water is still running!

Apply a Pink Blush

Sweep a pink blush across your cheeks for a finish that will leave your face sparkling. While most people may think bronzer is better, you're probably already a bit tan from the summer. Therefore, go with pink.

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