7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Text Your Ex! (This is the sign you are looking for!)

7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Text Your Ex! (This is the sign you are looking for!)

1. Your ex is your ex for a reason.

The past is meant to stay in your past for a reason. Think about why this person is not with you and what led this to happen. Surely, you will meet a list of reasons why not to text or rekindle conversation with this individual again!

2. Focus on your present

There are so many things to look forward to right now. Rather than picking up the phone and going through your socials and reminiscing old messages, go the other direction; do anything that does not involve your phone. Go outside, work out, take a long walk, spend time with your friends, or read a good book.

3. Opening an old chapter might not be that good as you think

There is no need to go back to the trail that you worked so hard to get away from. Sometimes, feelings and people are better left behind as they become an obstacle to your growth and development. Going back might open some heavy wounds that took a lot of effort to heal, so be wise and don't roll the dice.


4. There are many more options out there

Why look back; look forwards to the line of mysterious people you can explore and get to know in your future. Instead of texting your ex, this time try a crush, a random that interests you, or join a dating app! Nothing will surprise you more than the number of people single ready to mingle like you!

5. Text what you are about to say to a friend instead.

Letting out what you feel is important, thus find out a way to write out how you feel somewhere else, or to a trusted friend. In a way, you will still text someone, just not your ex.

6. You deserve better

Doesn't everyone? You were made to spend time with people who make you happy, so don't go back to energies that will just drain you again, and lead you into the same hole of self-hate and pity. You are worth more than what your ex was giving you.

7. Life is too short for remorse

Imagine your death, and what it would feel like if the last thing you did was text your ex before dying. Sounds like a waste of time? That's because it is. Find more people, and look for more experiences, and don't hold back.

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