Happy Memories Revived: Junoon Reunion Concert Wins Hearts in Karachi

Happy Memories Revived: Junoon Reunion Concert Wins Hearts in Karachi
Can you believe it! It was a dream come to true for many, many Junoon fan’s when Pakistan’s most iconic Sufi rock band reunited after 13 years to give a performance that lit up Karachi earlier this week. Our favourite rock stars Salman Ahmed, Ali Azmat and Brian had the audience singing loud and proud to amazingly nostalgic tunes and fans were enthralled by their extraordinary live performance.

The event – very well organised by Peek Freans Sooper to celebrate Pakistanis' passion for their country on the birth anniversary of Quaid-e-Azam, as well as to commemorate nearly 30 years of Junoon’s music – turned out to be a massive success. With an extremely well-behaved audience, as well as the much talked-about Ladies Only Pink Circle, the evening was impressively well-coordinated, paving the way for more musical concerts of this scale to happen in Pakistan once again. It was a houseful, packed with people of all ages, all of whom had come together to see Junoon’s reunion after over a decade.

Celebrities from entertainment, fashion, music and sports arrived to party under open sky, showing their love for the band. The event kick-started with Lyari Underground, Khumaariyan, Tamasha and Sounds of Kolachi, building up the hype for Junoon.

Junoon performed its most iconic hits such as ‘Khudi’, 'Sayoonee', 'Saaien' and countless others. The band also paid a beautiful tribute to Junaid Jamshed with their heartwarming performance of 'Dil Dil Pakistan', filling the stadium with much emotion and nostalgia. The band ended its performance with ‘Juzba Junoon’ along with a brilliant show of fireworks and concluded the event with the Pakistani national anthem.

With more than 10, 000 people in attendance, the Junoon Reunion Concert left a very happy Pakistani audience yearning for more. Junoon will now bring its exhilarating performance to Dubai next year in January.

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