'Army of One,' Bringing Nicolas Cage To Pakistan

'Army of One,' Bringing Nicolas Cage To Pakistan
Larry Charles's latest movie, Army of One, recounts the tale of Gary Faulkner starring Nicolas Cage as an umemployed handyman who gets a vision from God (played by Russell Brand) ordering him to go to Pakistan and capture Osama Bin Laden

Based on a true story, adapted from a GQ article about Faulkner who equipped with a sword that he had purchased from a home shopping TV channel travelled repeatedly to Pakistan to trace the most wanted terrorist. Faulkner fancied himself instructed to do so by God.

The story made headlines, thrusting Faulkner and his mission impossible. He was invited to various talk shows, including David Letterman's Late Show. In one interview, according to GQ, a reporter noted he had "been described as everything from hero to a crackpot. What are you?"

He replied,

“I've done crack, I've done crank, I've done coke, I've done pot, I've done everything in the world out there. You know, I've been to prison, I've been shipwrecked, blown up, shot, stabbed. My story does not just start here; it started when I was 5 years old, the first time I tried to hot-wire a car.”

The humorous trailer shows the American on the loose in different parts of the country to make his mission possible.

Army of One also co-stars Wendi McLendon Covey and Rainn Wilson in key role and is slated to release in November.

Here's the trailer,