Rabia Butt: ‘There is a method to my madness’ | Exclusive Interview

1. What makes Rabia butt tick in a few lines?

There is a method to my madness and what makes me tick is passion emotion and sometimes a glass of cold milk as well!

2. From a super model to a super actress as seen by everyone in the recently concluded Pehli Si Mohabbat what made you transition or are you going to now not do modeling?

I think as time passes everyone evolves we all go through this process but not everyone changes! But there’s never a I won’t do this again. I love treading this new path. I’m someone who is fond of doing what their heart is telling them to do but yeah for now expression and acting gives me the freedom to fit in another skin I quite like it!

But definitely there is much more about to be unfolded in coming times.

3. What in your opinion is the best thing about our industry?

The camaraderie I’ve experienced from the start of my career be it the super models of the day to my cast now in Pehli Si Mohabbat this support love and Kindness is the best thing. Hope it lasts

4. What was the turning point of your professional life?

I think tragedies have a way of changing you and when my mother (God bless her soul) passed I was dumbstruck, devastated... that for me was the turning point of my life on a professional and personal front but foremost it has made me a better person- Alhumdulillah but there is a lot to be improved.

5. Your role in Pehli Si Mohabbat was something unusual do you think you would like to take on more roles like this or ever play the crying beauty our actresses love as well ?

Hey don’t begrudge the crying beauty she always gets the audiences sympathy haha but no I love challenges and I feel if one must act then they have to do something that’s different that’s a task otherwise what’s the point of it if one can’t push their creative envelope. One must take risk in anything they do.

6. Name three things in your purse you cant do without.

My phone my blush on and my wallet.

7. They say beauty is only skin deep do you agree with this adage and how do you see it on context with your own looks?

Beauty is something abstract to everyone! I don’t think it’s superficial at all I think one just has to be deep enough to have layers of it! And I am a firm believer of ‘beauty comes from within.’

8. We hear you are a very strong supporter of Lahore and Lahore qalandars what do you love about your city?

Everything it’s history, it’s culture, it’s art, the smell of the gilli mitti and of the Moazzins call from the mosque, that cooker’s sound from neighborhood, the language,  the rivers, the music, I love it to an extremely intense level. Lahore runs in my blood stream but that doesn’t mean that I love the other cities of my beloved Pakistan any lesser.. We are one and beat for each other.

9. In the age of content people are making all sorts of moments to try to go viral do you also believe on this?

I believe one should be true to their craft and let the rest happen as it happen! Creating  moments is not sustainable living them is.

10. Any message you wish to give out to young girls?

Dream and fly.  This universe only embraces those who have a stubborn heart, always do unconditional deeds for others, it will surprise you when you’re climbing up and down the road of success. My girls this world is equally yours.

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