The Unrealistic Beauty Standards Explained By Makeup Artist MadihaKhanMua


Why are beauty standards so high these days? It's painful to see that people can no longer embrace their natural skin textures. All people wish to attain are some unnatural beauty standards. Not many people are to blame for this, but it won't be wrong to say that Instagram is the real cause behind the complex-causing. We all, on average, spend around three to seven hours Instagramming. But do you realize how toxic that time is for you? Do you spend it on something informative? Well, maybe only a little but not all. We all deep down know that the truth is we spend around seventy percent of our Instagram time stalking makeup artists, bridal makeup looks, and especially our favourite England-based makeup artists and pages like MadihaKhanMua.

Undoubtedly, watching those flawless and airbrushed pictures is appealing, but we need to realize that they are misleading somehow. No natural skin looks like that, yes, not even of the men and women in photos. They are all retouched and airbrushed pictures used for marketing purposes. And we also need to admit that no beauty treatment, skincare product, or makeup can make your skin look like that. Following the skincare experts on youtube or the glass-like skin videos on TikTok are all a scam! It's not possible to achieve those beauty standards at all. Normal human skin is supposed to have pores, textures, fine lines, wrinkles, and a few spots. And trust us, that’s what makes a human.

The Unrealistic Beauty Standards Explained By Makeup Artist MadihaKhanMua

MadihaKhanMua is a famous England based makeup artist who always openly speaks about unrealistic beauty standards and how difficult it is to make clients and the general public admit that nothing can change their actual skin. She says that whenever she is doing bridal makeup, the bride wants makeup that looks flawless and glowy, giving a glass touch look. But that is something so attainable most of the time. Bridal makeup requires a lot of layering, multiple products, and countless makeup steps. It all starts with prepping the skin with hydrating products and applying moisturizer. All these prep steps make the skin good enough and prepare it for those layers of concealers and foundation.

But you can’t ignore that if someone has fine lines and wrinkles, the foundation will fill those lines. After all, it’s a liquid product; where else is it supposed to go? It has to settle somewhere. And makeup artists keep increasing the number of foundation layers and products; it won’t do any good. It will get cakey, burst, and lead to even more lines. England based makeup artist MadihaKhanMua states that it is essential to apply multiple makeup products while doing bridal makeup because it aims to get long-lasting makeup. Moreover, the ultimate aim of bridal makeup is to prepare the bride for a stunning photoshoot. And the more makeup you apply, the better it looks in studio lights.

Bridal Makeup and the Foundation Game

Bridal makeup and its importance is something we can never ignore even if we wish to. Every girl has a dream for her big day; she wants to look the best. Wouldn’t you as a bride want to be as good as you’ve never been before on your engagement or wedding? You’d be lying if you say no. Every bride is always on the hunt to find the perfect makeup artist who can give her the best bridal makeup look ever. Some girls think that these makeup artists are going to transform them entirely. 

Brides-to-be have these dreamy expectations that a makeup artist can fix their skin texture, diminish the fine lines, clear away their acne problems, and whatnot. But is that even possible? Do you believe that a makeup artist does something in three hours that a dermatologist couldn't do in a year and you in your entire life? 

These expectations not only hurt the sentiments of girls but also make them doubt the beauticians. This is a problem that an expert England based makeup artist MadihaKhanMua often talks about. She says that girls enter her studio with a dream that all their skin problems will fix and their makeup will look like some celebrity's wedding picture. Little do these poor girls realize that what they are seeing is not even close to real. If they see these idealized brides in real life on their wedding day, they’d feel so blessed for the post-makeup look they get. So, never let the flashlights, airbrushed and retouched pictures with thousands of filters make you feel any less on your big day. 

Let's just talk like it is just you and me right now, no one else! So, let me ask you a question. Don’t answer instantly; think about it for a while. When was the last time you attended a wedding? It must not have been very long ago. How was the bride looking when you saw her in real life? Was her makeup looking like an airbrushed photo? Definitely not! Did you see some fine lines around her under eyes? You must have because all the brides I’ve seen so far do have skin texture despite the makeup.

Also, how was her skin texture looking? Didn’t it look natural, just like you, when you apply your makeup? You might have also seen a few hairs here and there, a pimple that the makeup artist tried so hard to hide. But the truth is, real skin always remains real, no matter how much makeup you apply. Even if you go to an expert England based makeup artist like MadihaKhanMua and ask her to do your bridal makeup without any fine line appearing till the end of the event, she will refuse it straight away. Makeup artists can only help you achieve the close to the perfect look.

Did you get a chance to see the wedding photo album of the bride? Or by any chance, did you see the pictures and selfies she posted on Instagram and Snapchat? Did you notice any difference? As per my experience till now, you must have seen a drastic change in them! Do you want to praise the makeup artist here or the photographer who made the bride’s skin look so beautiful?

Here have a look at the bridal makeup done by an experienced and certified England based makeup artist MadihaKhanMua. Check out before and after looks to know how much difference post-makeup lighting and filters make.

Is the Makeup Artist to be Held Accountable? 

Well, the appreciation here goes to no one but the editor. He airbrushed and retouched the skin to make it look flawless. And this is something he was supposed to do that because he was paid heavily to produce the best results. The point is, natural skin always remains real no matter what you do or what you say. So, don't ever get fooled by what you see online because this isn’t the truth. It is a bitter side of social media that makes us feel like we aren’t pretty or worthy of love because we don’t have good skin. Whereas the truth is, natural skin texture, fine lines, and wrinkles are now considered taboo by this one affluent class, and it’s affecting people. 

It's Time That We Start Normalizing Skin Texture After Makeup 

It is very excruciating to keep up with all these models and actresses on the internet. They all have this flawless skin which we always dream of having? Doesn’t their Instagram make you feel like you have fine lines, wrinkles, spots, marks, and hyperpigmentation is skin? Don't all the photos on the internet make you want to cut off from the world and hide in your blanket because your skin doesn’t look like them?

These things indeed take a toll on the mental health of people. Ordinary people with perfectly normal skin texture start hating taking selfies. They can’t look at themselves in the mirror because they feel ugly. They don’t go out bare-faced because they feel like people will look down at them or make fun of them. And to come out of that complex, what they do is they apply makeup. But guess what? They aren’t makeup artists! After using the makeup, they look at themselves in the mirror; they feel disgusting because of the fine lines showing. Isn’t it painful when your foundation doesn’t look flawless after spending three hours on makeup? Does it hurt when the fine lines and wrinkles still show up despite using a 250$ concealer? 

But I am here asking you again, why does it hurt? Why is it all so painful? Why your natural skin makes you feel less than anyone else. Why is it that these social media trends don't let you enjoy your wedding? Your wedding, your bridal makeup, and everything else are supposed to make you happy! And a fantastic England based makeup artist, MadihaKhanMua, cannot stress enough this! She is always trying to tell the brides their bridal makeup cannot change their skin. Its colors, highlighting, and counting the face. Bridal makeup is all about accentuating the features and making you look and feel good. Bridal makeup is supposed to look a bit extra glam in your wedding photoshoot, and that’s all. It cannot and should not ever define who you are! Don’t let how your skin looks after bridal makeup ruins your day.

What Does Celebrities' Real Skin Look Like?

It's these celebrities causing much complexity regarding skin concerns, right? So would it make you feel any better if we showed you what these celebrities’ skin looks like after makeup? Attached are a few post makeup, unedited pictures of your all-time favourite celebrities! I hope they can make you feel a little better and more confident! 




These are the people right that you are fantasizing about? Here is the reality for you all! No doubt they are beautiful the way they are. And this is how everyone’s skin looks like after makeup without editing.

Let’s Wind Up With a Short Note

In short, Whenever it comes to creating a dreamy, model-like complexion, your foundation game needs to be on point. However, don't be fooled by airbrushes or edited pictures over the internet!! Everyone has different skin; some have pores, some wrinkles, etc. It is perfectly normal to have skin texture issues even after applying makeup, regardless of how expensive products you use. 

The Fine lines are very natural, and everyone has them. However, they get more visible as your makeup sets into your skin, your fine lines around your eyes and mouth will appear just as it has in the picture which has been retouched and edited heavily. A Word of advice is that after you have your makeup done, please avoid fixing your lines as you will only mess up your makeup look.

England based makeup artist MadihaKhanMua suggests all brides to embrace their natural beauty as makeup artists cannot magically add a porcelain layer over their skin. Still, they love to enhance beauty by applying makeup. So be a little kind and understanding and don’t blame your makeup artist if you are faced with a situation like this. Makeup artists are humans because they can’t create airbrushed look skin; they can only beautify it. 

Find the Best England Based Makeup Artist

If you ever need a bridal makeup artist or someone who can give you great bridal makeup tips, reach out to MadihaKhanMua. She is an England based makeup artist with over 215k+ Instagram followers. Also, have a look at her profile to see her art and brides!