All Your Beauty Needs Sorted By Femilush

All Your Beauty Needs Sorted By Femilush
It’s great to see so many local brands making their way into the market such as the newly discovered beauty brand Femilush. We speak to CEO/ Founder Muhammad Umar Yar all about his brand.

Tell us a little about yourself and your beauty brand Femilush.

I’m Muhammad Umar Yar  Founder and CEO of Femilush, MPhil student and an entrepreneur as well. Femilush is one of the first organic brand based online in Pakistan. We have launched this brand back in September 2018. Femilush is all about enhancing the beauty we are born with as it’s about taking care of ourselves without incorporating harmful chemicals or ingredients.

What products can one find while shopping from this brand?

We have different products ranging from three different facial mists, serums, oils, mask&scrub to organic shampoo.

Where do you get ideas or inspiration for new products?

While I was studying for my BBA (Hons.), I just wanted to do something to satisfy the entrepreneur in me, that’s when I started importing beauty skincare stuff and worked as a retailer. People were buying these products so I thought why not come up with my own line as I’ve studied through National Council for Tibb and I know how to make herbal medicines and organic stuff. My aim was to introduce a staple product and that’s why I started reading skincare ingredients religiously. And then we came out with the 'Sandal Infused Rose Luminizer'- a rose mist with extra ordinary ingredients and benefits. We got an immense response for that product and it became the 'OG Facial Mist' in no time. Later we introduced two different facial mists targeting different skin problems. The constant learning inspired us to launch different products one by one.

 What are the five best-sellers at Femilush?

The top sellers of Femilush are:

What are the challenges you’ve faced during your journey?

The biggest challenge was that we didn’t know 'how to start'; such as where to get the best quality material, how to work online as, zero idea about the cash on delivery (COD) option. So, for me this was the biggest hurdle. Secondly, customers trust was another challenge on its own because people usually hesitate buying online because of fake products and bogus material. So, convincing the customer was another thing. But Alhamdulillah once we launched our first product, we gained the customers trust plus loyalty and they became our returning customers till date. During my whole journey, my family, friends and the affiliated bloggers really helped me to achieve my goals.

What sets you apart from your competitors?

  • Our customer service
  • Our ingredients for promising results
  • Economical prices
  • Very often sales and discounts


Your products are all organic. What ingredients do you use?

We use extracts from plants and herbs that we grow on our own. Plus we do sterilize every single equipment we use. We are paraben free, bleach free, vegan, and don’t use any artificial fragrances, chemicals and preservatives.

What is the difference between using organic makeup and non-organic makeup?

Organic products are directly scouted from nature, no processing or whatsoever so that people can get most out of the product. For example, if you cook cucumber, you’ll waste all its nutritional values plus it doesn’t taste right as well. Similar is the case with organic and non-organic products. Non-organic products are processed and manufactured using synthetic chemicals and what not and comes with numerous side effects as well. Do I need to mention mercury and whitening creams?

Will there be new product launches from Femilush that we should look forward to?

 Yes, we are going to launch some amazing products for haircare and lip care next month plus we have even launched another skincare line @Cara_bonica.

Where can we buy your products?

We are on facebook ( Instagram (@femilush) and we even have a website so that people can easily go through all the products and place their orders.

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