The Colouring Effect

The Colouring Effect
So the first thing on any one’s mind when they go shopping or plan to create an extensively ornamented wedding outfit is inadvertently always “What colour should it be?”As much as the cut and style of a shirt or pants and even shoes and bags is, we always instantly make our choice based on the colour.

Since there is so much focus on individual style these days, psychologists and stylists alike now unanimously agree that your favorite colour reveals a lot about your personality and every individual in the new age has a “personality color”. Now everyone knows since childhood what their favorite colour is, it is the colour you want the walls in your room to be, it’s the color you want your favorite shirt to be, it’s the colour that always catches your attention anywhere you go whether it is on a billboard or a shop.

When we wake up in the morning, we don’t realise that we have a certain mood for the day and subconsciously when we open our closets for the millionth time, our eyes and minds instantly without even realising pick an outfit that has a particular colour and a particular feel. The colour we wear, psychologists now say, tell people through non-verbal communication what that person is feeling.

Although this might sound a little outlandish anyone wearing red automatically catches such a wide array of attention whether it is someone walking down the street or sitting elegantly at some tea party. The standard black and white combination is also something we are all secretly obsessed with because black and white movies are classy, so many chic looks embody those two contrasting tones and anyone who wears that particular colour combination gives off a professional and suave vibe.

Different colours symbolise different characteristics of the person sporting them:

Red is a colour that emits a vibe full of passion and unbridled energy.

Orange is bold and encourages social communication and reflects optimism.

Blue on the other hand is a tone lower than these bold colours and sends out vibes that are calm and collected and reflect on the individual’s mellow and silent style.

Yellow is instantly cheerful and announces that the bright summer sun is indeed inspiring. Green is always reflective of a well balanced personality and sense of style without the need to wear something more colourfully bold.

At the end of the day when you receive an unabashed compliment on a bag or a particular top, it is usually because the person paying the compliment just loves the colour you are wearing. Every season brings its own shades in designer lines and street fashion, if you pick something along the lines of brown, gray or black in the summer, we are told its not “summery” and it is viewed as contradicting the vibes of the season.

On the other hand, if you wear colours like pink and yellow in the winters it also seems like we are not synchronised with the patterns of mother nature. So next time you decide to make a new purchase or stand face to face with an array of colours in your wardrobe, just know that your colour will make a more decisive statement about you and your state of mind than anything else that day, it’s the colouring effect!

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