Lionel Messi Becomes the New Blonde Boy

Lionel Messi Becomes the New Blonde Boy
Football star Lionel Messi debuted a new look with light blonde hair and a dark beard this weekend. The new makeover was posted by his wife, Antonella Roccuzzo, on Instagram.

It’s safe to say that the summer of 2016 hasn’t really been Messi’s cup of tea. He lost the Copa America final to Chile by 4-2 on penalties, he resigned from International football following the defeat and Ronaldo’s captained team Portugal took out the Euro cup 2016.

The question is, is the new hair makeover Messi’s way of starting fresh for the new season? We can all attest to the fact that break ups and bad grades make way to a new haircut for all of us and having a new look can take the depression away.

Antonella used the caption '#blondeboy' when posted her husband’s new hair. She probably didn't expect social media to erupt with their own take of how the star looked.

From comparisons to Khaleesi to Reese Witherspoon in legally blonde twitter erupted with commentary on the 29 -year-olds hair. Many fans have come up with their own theories as to why Messi felt the need to change his appearance some of them referring to it being a way of distracting the police in the tax fraud scandal.

We think experimentation is always good but what do you think about the new do?