5 Steps to Healthy Skin and Hair

5 Steps to Healthy Skin and Hair
As many nutritionists have pointed out, to get a glow on the outside you first need to fix the inside. The importance of what we take in is immense and here is the guideline to beautiful, healthy skin.

  1. Take your Proteins

Your skin, hair and nails are essentially all protein so you need to consume a good amount of it to build keratin and collagen. A large steak and protein shakes won’t do anything for your skin rather than build muscle so you need to take lean meats. Try having sea food, eggs, birds, pulses and red meat to take in all different types of proteins.

  1. Essential oils

Whenever the topic of skin comes up, oil is treated as a bad ingredient. Some oils are essential to the body so make sure to have sea food for omega-3 and lots of nuts. Winters make the ski specially dry so have around 50g of nuts a day.

  1. Hydration

Water is so important to all the reactions happening inside our body. Not having enough fluids can make skin dry and hair fall. Flaked lips and small pimples are a sign that your body needs more water.

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  1. The 4 S’s

Sleep: You need around 8 hours of sleep. As you sleep at night, your skin and hair takes the time to heal themselves.

Stress: Try meditating to relieve yourself of stress.

Smoking: Try to avoid smoking and being around people who smoke.

Sunlight: Avoid overexposure

  1. Vitamins and minerals

The best way to take your vitamins is by eating raw vegetable in fruit rather than in desserts or dinner. Pick up a carrot and eat it every day for Vitamin A. Eat citrus and berries for Vitamin C and eat green vegetable for fiber and iron.

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