Around the world, hair has always been a source of envy and admiration. Beautiful hair is a blessing bestowed upon a select few. While the rest of us struggle with our hair on a daily basis, there’s a huge bunch that walks the planet untouched, swishing their flawless locks!

With impressive advancements in the cosmetics industry came the Keratin therapy, a groundbreaking hair treatment. With a high success rate and a strong clientele, this treatment has definitely developed a devoted following. And obviously with new hair treatments, come a long list of a questions.

So we reached out to one of our favorite hair stylists, Areesha Ahmedani of Flab Out Fabulous and had her answer a couple of your frequently asked questions regarding Keratin!

Q: What exactly is keratin?!

Before getting a keratin treatment done, one should know what Keratin actually is. Keratin is a protein that makes up your hair, skin and nails. It creates a layer on your hair that keeps your hair healthy and helps its stay elastic. Damage to the outer layer of Keratin leads to frizzy and brittle hair and that usually happens when you use a lot of heating tools and chemicals on your hair. A keratin treatment is done to reverse this damage leading to smooth silky hair. During the treatment, Keratin is used to fill in the cuticle of your hair which is later sealed using a straightening iron. 

 Q: Is it permanent?

Keratin is not a permanent treatment, it lasts from 3-5 months depending on your hair type. Keratin does not change your hair bonds, it only effects the outer structure of your hair. 

Q: Can it be done at home?

Technically, you can. But keep in mind you wont be getting the same results as when you get it done in-salon.

Q: Does keratin damage the hair?

Contrary to what people believe, keratin does not damage your hair. Instead it fills up your hair cuticles and makes your hair shinier and stronger. 


Q: How does one know if the treatment is for them?

Anyone who spends an hour doing their hair, blowdrying them, straightening them every day, trying to tame their frizzy hair, well Keratin Treatment is for you. It will de-frizz your hair and will cut down on a lot of that time you spend doing your hair.

Q: What is the procedure like?

The procedure to Keratin is generally the same, from clarifying your hair to sealing the Keratin with an iron. However, the fomulas, brands and quantity differs with every hair type.

Q: Is it safe?

Keratin is generally safe, especially if youre using a formaldehyde-free keratin, however a strand test is required for anyone with a sensitive scalp or allergies. ALSO, IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR PREGNANT WOMEN. 

Q: Can people with dyed and bleached hair get it done?

Keratin is good for pre colored or pre lightened hair as it helps make the hair shinier and smoother. A question I get asked a lot by my clients is how long to wait before getting their hair dyed. Bleach or any kind of Hair Dye is recommended at-least 3-4 weeks after Keratin. Let your hair relax!!!

Q: How does one make the most of their Keratin treatment?

AFTER CARE!!!! One of the things Pakistani Audience lacks in following is the after care of the treatment. Getting a 10k plus treatment done for your hair, and not investing in the AFTER CARE is like throwing that money away. You need a sulphate free, keratin infused shampoo and conditioner, ask the salon to suggest one according to your hair needs. I also recommend a keratin infused mask to all my clients who have dry hair, to help with the nourishment and longer effects.

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