Documentaries You Need To Watch

Documentaries You Need To Watch

1) My Beautiful Broken Mind

After a hemorrhagic stroke leaves her unable to communicate - she needs to re-learn everything “from the beginning”. She journeys into her own brain to recover. She claims to have “discovered this portal where her brain once was”. “I started seeing flashes of colour’. It probably could be best described as if she were “in a David Lynch movie”. Lotje is just such an inspiration and helps us view reality from a new vantage point.


2) She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry

A compelling introduction to the women’s movement throughout the 1960s and 1970s. Gender inequality is explored, and other topics such as racism, classism, and homophobia are also examined in this wonderful art piece. Furthermore, personal interviews add an element of confronting power to the documentary.


3) The Propaganda Game

‘Surprising and Insightful” claims Alex Montoya, Fotogramas. “ North Korea- The most hermetic country in the world” under Marshal Kim Jong-un’s regime of communism acts as a veil for North-Koreans, from the rest of the world and vice versa. This documentary makes us question everything we think we know about North Korea. A crucial insight.


4) Girl Rising

Extremely empowering and motivational. This documentary exams the immense power that girls possess, but it often (unfortunately) goes unnoticed. It put tears in my eyes.






5) Stories We Tell

Sarah Polley’s journey and her attempts to come to terms with herself. Encapsulates family, love and death. Painfully beautiful!


6) Vito

“A documentary about the man who brought us all out of the "Celluloid Closet", Vito Russo changed the face of queer film theory forever. Now, director, Jeffrey Schwartz looks back at the man and the ways in which LGBT representation has changed over time. In the aftermath of Stonewall, a newly politicised Vito Russo found his voice as a gay activist and critic of LGBT representation in the media. This documentary is about his life as an activist, an academic and a cinephile.”


7) Conspiracy: The sustainability Secret

Educate yourself by immersing yourself in this brilliantly fascinating documentary. A must-see for anyone who cares about our planet. This is sure to open your eyes to the shocking horrors about how environment is affected by our choice of food consumption.


8) The Hunting Ground

Very insightful, especially for college students. If the Brock Turner case made your blood boil, then you’re going to experience a whole new kind of anger with this documentary.


9) Particle Fever

Never heard of particle physics, don’t worry- this is your guide! The energy and hype associated with this documentary is nothing you’ve ever experienced before. It could send electrifying chills up your spine. A must watch!


10) Pink Ribbons, Inc.

The pink ribbon campaign, is the main highlight of the film, and how companies utilise this platform: to increase sales and improve their self image. Sadly not even a small percentage of money goes to the cause. Give this a watch because it brings an awareness about the dark behind-the-scenes.


11) Twinsters

Separated for 25 years, the twins finally find their way to one another. “An uplifting beach read” that was finally made into a very emotional documentary.


12) The Imposter

Constantly left me guessing about the next scene. I was hooked till the end. Thoroughly entertaining! I would definitely recommend this to practically everyone. A great piece of entertainment!


13) West of Memphis

In 1994, three tried and convicted teenagers of the 1993 cold murder of three little boys in West Memphis were sentenced to death. During the trial, the prosecution asserted that the children were killed as part of a Satanic ritual. It is a very intriguing documentary. With a conclusive ending so you won’t be left guessing. Really highlighted the Alford plea issues for me.


14) First Position

 A movie about ballet. A great watch! Any one with even the slightest interest in dance will love it.





15) Soaked in Bleach

The best documentary I’ve watched. ‘Soaked in bleach’ is a great depiction of grunge rock, think Nirvana! The style in which the story is told, will have you guessing for more. I recommend it to everyone.