Pakistan’s Youngest Graphologist Saman Aslam Talks To HELLO!

Pakistan’s Youngest Graphologist Saman Aslam Talks To HELLO!
We had the pleasure of speaking to Pakistan's youngest graphologist Saman Aslam who tells us everything about the field graphology and more. 

Tell us a little about yourself and your journey as a graphologist.

Well I’m Saman Aslam. I completed my high school pretty young and right after that I stepped out for work. I started working since I was 15 years old. Had been studying and working simultaneously. I’ve done various jobs but being a graphologist is the most challenging yet an amazing one. My journey from being an average commerce student to a Graphology Distinction holder was incredible. Alhumdulillah. Looking forward to learn every day.

What exactly is graphology?

Graphology is the study of handwriting. Handwriting is basically called brain-writing, as our brain guides our hands. Handwriting is our mirror; it projects both our conscious and subconscious mind. The astonishing fact is that appearances can be deceptive but handwriting never lies. Handwriting reveals how the writer thinks, feels and behaves, and it does so directly and immediately, without them even being present. It shows the motivation that lies behind actions and outlines the writer's propensity to behave in ways that may not be expected. Therefore, Graphologists may be able to analyze understanding of a writer's personality. Also, people confuse graphology with fortune telling, but a graphologist cannot foretell any future happenings, they just talk about the current state of mind of the writer.

How did you enter into this field? Was it always the dream? 

I never knew graphology existed until i was introduced by a team of Arabic graphologists at my workplace. They asked me & my colleagues to write Bismillah-ir-Rahman-ir-Raheem (because it covers all the Arabic letters) and told few of my personality traits right away. I WAS STUNNED! I started following this field and quitted every other study plan right away. Rest all is history now.

What is the most challenging aspect about your field? 

Firstly, being born and brought up in Saudi Arabia, it was impossible to find graphology in English. I would take Arabic workshops and come home with nearly no knowledge gained (language problem) but a satisfaction that at least I tired. Lack of awareness! Unfortunately, our country has a lack of awareness on this subject. Some kind souls would hear me out about this study, while majority of people would criticize the idea of graphology. They’d be like 'Yeh gunnah hai, chor do aisi parhai ko' or 'Tum kahin writing par jadoo to nahi karti na'. Perhaps people usually relate graphology to fortune telling.  

You are the youngest female graphologist in Pakistan. Where did you go to qualify for this field? And what are the requirements needed? 

That’s huge! Alhumdulillah. Well, I got my certifications from Cambridge, London. Since Pakistan doesn’t provide any for now. One might have to travel abroad to study. In my opinion all you need is dedication and passion for this study because it gets super challenging at times. Furthermore, I’m the only graphologist in Saudi Arabia, who serves in English (language). 

You want to introduce graphology in the country as it is not well known. How will you be doing this? 

Initially I’ll start from my official Instagram page - @graphologist_saman. I’ll be providing with interesting knowledge about graphology and I welcome one-to-one 'Handwriting Analysis' with graphotherapy (if needed). In near future, I’ll also be conducting workshops and short courses. InSha’Allah. It may not be well known now, but InSha’Allah in upcoming years it’ll be known, appreciated and practiced. 

Graphology has such a deep connection with personality. In what ways has it made your life better? 

Not only it reveals about the personality, it tells everything regarding a person’s mental state, personality traits, nature, health and a lot more. It helps me LITERALLY in every-step of life. Every day I learn and implement new techniques. From understanding my siblings to my students’ personalities, knowing what my seniors are expecting from me to helping my friends finding suitable life partners, career advices to health check-ups. It has made me a listener to those who can’t express what they’re going through. It has transformed me into a very confident, humble and practical human. Getting along with difficult or hydra-headed personalities is not an issue anymore. A quick glance at their writings and I’m good to go. It’s a valuable aid and thoroughly helps me in my regular routine. 

Being a graphologist, how can you help or have an impact on an individual’s life? 

Handwriting analysis is highly effective in a wide variety of practical situations. It is ideal for personality assessment in any sector of human activities like; recruitment, management selection, corporate training, security checking (evaluation of honesty and integrity), career guidance, compatibility assessments (for business & personal relationships), personality profiling (for self-awareness & self-development), child and family guidance, historical profiling, document examination, mental illness and forensic analysis. In case one wishes to improve or reform negative traits in their personalities to positive, graphotherapy is the solution. 

What is graphotherapy and how does it affect an individual's life? 

Graphotherapy is the science of changing your personality by changing your handwriting. A graphotherapist designs a customized therapy and suggests new handwriting patterns to re-program the negative habits into positive ones. It helps in various sectors such as medical ailments, relationships, career aspects, self-development, mental stress & traumas, suicidal thoughts and counting. With graphotherapy you can overcome your weaknesses and convert them into your strengths. 

Any advice for aspiring graphologists out there? 

Graphology comes with a great responsibility, make sure you do it sincerely because your words are going to engrave on someone’s soul. Be gracious! You’re probably going to invest your entire life in this study, do it with dedication and veracity. 




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