Half Hour With Azekah Daniel

Half Hour With Azekah Daniel
Get to know the young and promising starlet Azekah Daniel in an exclusive interview with HELLO!

Who is Azekah Daniel? Describe yourself in a sentence.

I am a friendly and happy go lucky person once you get to know me.

What inspired you to pursue a career as an actor?

Acting is an outlet to express myself because I am shy and introverted. I like putting myself in someone else’s shoes by playing different characters. Feeling another's emotions, helps me get in touch with mine and I express myself better. I realise this is my calling.

Tell us about your first project and what it means to you?

First projects are always close to one’s heart because you get to learn so much. I had so many seniors helping me out in my first project Choti.

What draws you to a role?

A good script and storyline, but I also believe a strong director makes a lot of difference.

Success to you is …

Doing what I love and being able to make a difference in society.

Who/what are your biggest influences?

I have never been influenced by anyone or anything in my life. Whatever I do, I do for myself and whatever my heart tells me to.

What’s next on your work agenda?

I am doing another project for a major channel. You will love the storyline, it’s different!

Best advice you have received on your career?

To work on my vocals -- a senior actor from NAPA taught me a couple of vocal exercises which really helped.

What made you choose your current drama ‘Balaa’?

The story, of course, and then the cast -- I mean who wouldn’t want to work with Samina apa and Sajid Hasan -- they are exceptional. Also, my director Badar Mehmood, someone I always wanted to work with.

A role you would love to do?

There are so many roles I would love to do! I just don’t want to cry the entire day playing a damsel in distress -- I want my roles to be more substantial in the future. I don’t believe that women should be so weak to cry over every little hurdle that comes our way.

Are there any actors/actresses in Pakistan you look up to?

There have been so many wonderful actors in our industry whom I look up to, but Babra Sharif from Nadaan Nadiya has been my all time favourite.

In your opinion, what are three qualities in a woman that are imperative?

Simplicity, strength and to be very ladylike, as in, completely ethical. Every woman is born a princess; so don’t be any less.

Favourite pastime or ongoing hobby?

I love reading books; I am very athletic so I love watching and playing football and not to forget fishing!

The best career advice you have ever received?

You get judged very easily no matter what you’re doing -- if you’re playing a certain role people assume you have that sort of personality in real life which is hard to cope with.

What are the most challenging/rewarding aspects of being an actress in Pakistan?

The love of our people. When I go to places even small cities of our country, like interior Sindh or up North, I get so much love and recognition that it makes up for all the hurdles I face in my life for being an actress. It’s completely worth it.

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