The all new Rici Melion Flagship Boutique- CASA DE RICI


From the opulent chandelier that greets you to the solid vinyl silk wallpapers, lignum wood laminates by Ettore Sottsass and majestic staircases, the Rici Melion maison is a true monument to the brand which unfolds over 4 floors. The flagship boutique is a 10,000 square feet space imbued with intriguing unorthodox materials and form combinations. 

Let us unveil to you Casa De Rici which, in every sense, is a true sumptuous Italian glory with supreme marble columns, terrazzo flooring and trophy Murano glass pieces handpicked from Rome. The building, built on quadrivial floors, has managed to be known as one of the most recognizable architectural works of the city. 

Throughout the store, fixtures and details are built with a variety of materials and textures, from plywood to mirrored and glossy finishes. Inaugurated in the summer of 2021, the store has an obsidian sculptural facade built on an ellipsoidal-shaped structure. Inside, the staircases and elevator guide the customers through various tiers, up to the top floor, where the shopping day ends with a cup of coffee at Cafe Rici brewed by our most treasured barman.

The Office

Absorbing the grandeur of the French Riviera, creative director Noaman Zakir himself got unreservedly involved in building a demeure where the craftsmanship of the construction spoke for itself. His personal space features a classical Chippendale and Louis XIV style, ensuring each objet d’art was underpinned by an inherent elegance. The office is a proper artistic installation, built according to the aesthetic canons of the brand and one look at his splendid workplace will make you understand why attention to detail is Mr. Zakir’s most deadly creative weapon.


Ground Floor: Sumptuous Italian Glory

With the innovative use of light and space and integration of contemporary artwork, the Rici Melion flagship redefines the standard for retail design. The entire ground floor is designated to ready-to-wear western menswear section. Putting a modern spin on the traditional Italian palazzo, this space translates in to floors of Sainte Anne marble, a collection of understated luxe decorative pieces and the most desirable vintage furnishings, seamlessly blending grandeur and elaboration in the Roman flagship for Rici Melion. Mastering the codes and culture of the luxury world, the ground level breathes the city’s energy, while offering clients a sense of calm and respite and adding special brand culture touches like the unapologetically opulent sofas made from a mahogany frame with a lacquer finish, upholstered in leather and beveled glass top tables.


Mezzanine Level: Milieu of Ancient Rome

With its high ceilings, wooden furnishings, pristine ivory walls, and vintage accents, this floor alone was conceptualized and curated over the course of six months. Stepping inside through the maximalist entrance lobby, hefty glass chandeliers cast a warm glow over the space, while an oversized mirror with an ornate frame adds dimension to the area. Intricately carved dark wooden furniture features throughout this corner, be it the tetragonal tables and surrounding couches that sit in the center of the room, or the antediluvian cabinets in the backdrop. This floor reflects the love for art, textile and fashion, all in one place. 


Third Deck: A sense of mystry

When a couturier meets an architect to create a fabulous home for fashion, something magical happens. To treat the clients with an all-encompassing aesthetic experience, Rici Melion’s fashion designers got involved and pictured the womenswear floor as a theatrical setting, combining striking graphics and elegant design elements. Rici Melion’s couture is inspired by the begums of the bygone era which resulted in 11 breathtaking art pieces on the floor’s entrance wall, velvet curtains and hand painted vintage chandeliers. The sofas? Full grain leather of course.

The space is divided into two parts; west and east. The subtle shades of coral and rosewood for eastern section and deep shades of flint for western section, inspired by the designers favorite color scheme, allows the grand columns and arches to stand out and add to the enchanting, theatrical motif of the luxurious boutique.

Even the bridal suite is as glamorous as a regal movie set like something out of a maharani’s palace and intends to make an individual feel like a star. We want the brides to come in and enjoy their luxurious personal space that we have created. Here you can pick a cup of hand-pressed coffee, read a book, sit back and relax.



Final Story: The Sartorial Narrative

Towering ceilings, adorned archways and antiquated treasures define the final territory of the atelier that caters to entire bespoke western and eastern menswear. We bring to you an exclusive sightsee through the plush space that echoes classic luxury. The area surrounds a grand staircase with a collection of Trussardi pieces. Adding to the whimsical quality of floorentrance are the subtle hued walls, which feature Pichhwaipaintings. Glossy marble flooring in shades of elusive hues complete the space.


The eastern bespoke section is an extension of the regal, often old-world aesthetic you see in our work, adding a rustic charm to it. The western bespoke section has been meticulously thought out as well consisting of more than 2000 suiting fabrics to choose from. 

One corner of this floor is specifically dedicated to the coffee bar, with cream-coloured walls, a carved dark wooden cabinet that holds ingredients, and a special set of shelves for silverware and crockery. 



Throughout the Rici Melion flagship boutique, warm woods and neutral tones create a refined ambiance intended to relax the customers.  The four-floor boutique makes a powerful modernist statement that honors Italy’s rich history of design and reflects Mr. Noaman Zakir’s love of form and texture, feeling as though you stumbled into a contemporary art exhibit. And as an empire builder, cost and logistical improbabilities were of minor consideration to Mr. Zakir. That’s how a real Rici Melion store nestled in the heart of the city.




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