edenrobe Beauty Launches New Line Of Deodorants With Campaign #GetNoticed

edenrobe Beauty Launches New Line Of Deodorants With Campaign #GetNoticed
edenrobe’s recent DVC for its new range of deodorants has finally launched creating lots of noise as it has been applauded by the masses and has taken up social media by storm. It has appealed people of all walks of life.

edenrobe launched a beauty range by the name of ‘edenrobe Beauty’ last year. The new range was launched with a night of glitz and glamour, from socialites to bloggers and business heads to corporates were all present for the big evening.

Now edenrobe Beauty has launched a new product line of deodorants with five variants; three for men and two for women; the campaign has been initiated with the hashtag #GetNoticed.

The IDIO campaign is a youth-centric being of the idea that we all have done something at some point in our life where we have all gone an extra mile, made some extraordinary efforts to get attention; whether its university, school, home, office or anywhere else. We all want to #GetNoticed of our existence every now and then.

For example, students at the back of the class make noise to get both the students and teacher’s attention. Some people are always dressed prim and proper: everything is on point to get their peers and colleagues attention, so the brands holistic concept is applicable to the masses as we all have done that as rite of passage.

The brands DVC also captured the audience's attention as each of the ads has something to take away for each individual in society and people loved the idea of it being so apt to their everyday life. edenrobe is trying to convey not to try too hard or go out of the way to get noticed.

The public audience have loved the IDIO fragrances. They are fresh and subtle yet tantalize your senses. The deodorants have variants that is for both male and female.

The hashtags of the campaign are getting attention not only to the masses but the celebrities as well. Celebs like Minal Khan shared her story of putting a lot of make-up in her teens with the intention that she would look beautiful and would be noticed.

Muneeb Butt also came forward and shared the length and depth of how he went to get Aiman Khan's attention when they first met. He wanted to make his first impression on his official date the best.

Many other celebrities are joining the bandwagon and sharing how they made an effort to get noticed in their lives.

The blogging community is also using the hashtags and is putting up stories to share their moments on how they put all their energy to get noticed. The campaign has taken up the momentum being relatable to multiple fragments of the society.

IDIO lagao notice mein ao!

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