Homemaker vs. Working Woman; Why Can’t Women Have The Best Of Both Worlds?

Homemaker vs. Working Woman; Why Can’t Women Have The Best Of Both Worlds?

Why can’t we have best of both worlds?

Our society has always looked down upon working women, who are now trying to reclaim their position in society. But in creating space for working women in our society (a work in progress) we have bred another derogatory mindset that looks down upon women who wish to be home makers. We then regard them with disparaging terms like ‘trophy wife’.

A woman who chooses to be a housewife is viewed as somebody who let go of her life aspirations, giving up her career to assist the lives of her husband and children. The picture may not be as grim as we paint it to be. Somebody can choose to be a housewife and that is okay.

What is also okay is a woman who wishes to establish a sound career. But our society sees a working woman as a poor mom. They are of the view she does not prioritise her family. A woman is a carefully articulated masterpiece of God who can do all, so next time you think about maligning a career woman, think twice. She can juggle both work and home life and be excellent at both.

But why does she have to be antagonised for whatever role she chooses to fit in? I believe it’s time we question our husbands and fathers. Indeed, they may be breadwinners, but if a woman can do both so can you. So, men, support your wives, daughters, and sisters’ careers, help them around the house and raise your children together. It is not only a mother’s responsibility to raise the children, a father is equally responsible. Let’s focus on building a home together, rather than throwing all the responsibility on a woman. 

A woman can embrace any role she chooses to be in, whether it is that of a home maker or of a career woman. Its time we accept different world views and let people function according to their convenience and preference. If she chose to have children, she’ll make sure they are cared for. It is high time we respect women’s choices.

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