'Bites and Vibes': Pakistan's Coolest Open-air Food Market

'Bites and Vibes': Pakistan's Coolest Open-air Food Market
Food lovers had a field day on Sunday as Foodpanda organised its much awaited event Bites and Vibes food festival in Islamabad.

We walked into the open air ground, amidst a pop of pink balloons and streamers and must we say, we were surprised. Being nitpicky and fussy with food comes innately to food critics. But this was a great experience, with not too many stalls, just perfect for the location, good vibes and an excellent playlist - let's just say our weekend ended with a ‘bang.’

We enthused from stall to stall tasting the different kinds of food – some old, some new, some familiar and others, not so much. The variety of cuisines that had us enthralled were Continental, Desi, Mediterranean and of course fast-food. Though, this was all expected from a food festival, what took us by surprise was the live cooking stations - now that was something new and interesting and definitely caught our attention!

The event was greatly systematised, there was crowd control, methodical queues and sitting zones where one could just bask with their friends and families, and devour the abundance of delectable delights- one thing that we haven't seen at any other food festival as of yet.

There was an area allotted for enthusiastic children who just wanted to run around after having their fair share of food that consisted of a bunch of rides and the forever favourite- jumping castle.

There was also a variety of drinks on offer — a soda fountain, plenty of juices, however one thing that of course caught our attention and taste-buds were the free 7up margaritas that were being passed around. Refreshing, cool, different and definitely delicious - nicely done!

Other than the food stalls there were some stalls that had traditional clothes and decoration pieces that reflected the rich culture and heritage that Pakistan offers up for sale. As if that wasn't enough there was a special spot assigned for fun activities such as a photobooth and spin the wheel - though, we didn't partake in that, it was fun to look at!

And last but not least- there was a bonfire and a live underground band that gave the affair a terrific ambiance- and I must say that the instruments were played so well and with such feeling that even now I can hear the melodies in my head- days later!

The event that went on from 10am to 10pm left us with a great mood and a full tummy!

Did you get a chance to visit?