Celebs Take On the #MeAt20 Challenge… Leaving Us Shook

Celebs Take On the #MeAt20 Challenge… Leaving Us Shook
The onslaught of quarantine boredom has given way to some really funny and intriguing ‘challenges’ on Social Media. The latest one to go viral amongst the tinsel town folks is the #MeAt20 challenge.

Celebrities and artists with the likes of Humayun Saeed, Hadiqa Kiyani, Ali Sethi and many more have taken to their social accounts by sharing #throwback photos of themselves from their youthful 20s’ days, amusing the internet. One thing is for sure, we are convinced that many of them have done justice to their youth in ageing!

A Clean-Shaven Humayun Saeed

Mother of throwbacks! Look at the clean-shaven face with that ingenuous smile. We are over the fence about which version of Humayun Saeed we like better, this or his current look?

Hadiqa Kiyani’s Back-to-College Days

Short hair rumpled up in a mad style with studious hooded eyes, the rockstar’s transformation appears so endearing. ‘This is me at the start of my MSc in Psychology degree and at my graduation day at GCU with the degree in hand,’  captioned Hadiqa. 

Your-Boy-Next-Door Feat Aijaz Aslam

Fresh from his early modelling days, Aslam serves up a really cute and dapper look!

YOLO Like Yasir Hussain 

That printed floral t-shirt and nerdy specs though! 

Ali Zafar Throws It Back To His Days Of Struggle 

A 20-year-old Ali photographed in the lobby of the PC hotel’s lobby where he used to sketch for several hours at length to earn enough so that he can fund his first album launch. ‘Remember sketching 16-18 hrs continuously everyday…back breaking. Needed to support family & save 4-5 lakhs to be able to record my first music album & video,’ he captioned. 

Gold Old Days With Imran Ashraf 

Sporting a leather jacket, gel-styled hair and sphinx-like smile, we wonder if we love this younger Imran more or the current Bhola? 

The Very Enchanting Zeba Bakhtiar 

Looking like a million bucks is this beautiful veteran actress Zeba Bakhtiar. We agree that time has not purloined her beauty but only added to it!

Blast From The Past With Fahad Mustafa 

Now… this weirdly reminds us of the time when the film ‘Tere Naam’ inspired gelled back hair among the lot! 

Shehzad Roy Debunks Ageing 

Roys sparked the debate again on his anti-aging gimmicks and the internet wants to know what his secret is! Shehzad Roy if you are reading this, do tell please! 

Natasha Baig’s Tomboy Days

Back from the days when the sufi singer was an avid cricketer!

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