Magnum's Chocolate Party 2016: Ali Zafar Won Our Hearts

Magnum's Chocolate Party 2016: Ali Zafar Won Our Hearts
The Magnum's Chocolate Party 2016 was a very happening event where Mawra Hocane was seen in wings for designer Ali Xeeshan and Ali Zafar won the crowds heart!

This year’s Magnum’s Chocolate Party 16 was held at Pearl Continental on the 21st of September. It was quite self-explanatory that chocolate was the theme with a ‘Chocolate’ carpet, chocolate shades of clothes and decorations. To start off with, a man was covered in chocolate in a bathtub to welcome the guests.

The chocolate carpet was taken over by fashion bloggers, socialites and media personalities from all over the country to cover this event!

Chocolate lovers could indulge their cravings with food and drinks made of chocolate. There were chocolate mocktails and a chocolate fountain and all things chocolate!

The event was very dramatic and artistic showcasing an art exhibition curated by the Canvas Gallery’s Sameera Raja and the chocolate collection by renowned designers Shamaeel Ansari, Ali Xeeshan, Faraz Manan and Nilofer Shahid with a rocking performance by Ali Zafar!

Ali Zafar was the star of the night from creating an art piece in under 15 seconds to helping a struggling model on stage! A Faraz Manan model, while walking back, got her dress stuck to the stairs and Ali Zafar, the gentleman he is, ran to rescue her and walked her all the way to backstage and the audience cheered and clapped for him!

This one goes out to him, Ali Zafar you truly won our hearts!

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