Fashionably Fit: Ramadan At Dolmen Mall

Fashionably Fit: Ramadan At Dolmen Mall
Ramadan is all about eating out and shopping for loved ones! That's precisely why Dolmen Mall is one of our favorite places to while away the hours right before Iftar. Window shopping distracts us from our hunger while clocking in steps on our fit-bits! And of course, Iftar options at Dolmen are diverse enough to allow a healthy and nutritious Iftar feast!

Head over to Dolmen Mall around 4pm to beat the evening crowds and snag the best shopping deals! From a fitness perspective, movement during fasting is crucial to achieving results- so what better way? While many of my clients’ workout post Iftar, I encourage them to stay as active as possible during the day. Even light exercise during fasting helps to tap into those stubborn fat deposits. When we refrain from food all day, our body has used up the glycogen in our muscles. Post 3pm, the body turns to fat to provide energy. That is exactly why working out while fasting yields such fantastic results. Research has shown that even light exercise (such as walking) before Iftar helps you get rid of stubborn brown fat stores. So put on your sneakers and head to the mall for some effortless exercise!

Come Iftar, there are lots of healthy options to choose from at Dolmen Mall. Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to enjoy the gastronomic pleasures of Ramadan while simultaneously working towards your fitness goals! Instead of counting calories at sehri and iftar, focus on savoring each bite and practising mindful eating. Ramadan is the best time to change your relationship with food. Come to view it as a source of nourishment and fuel as opposed to a substance that makes you fat!

A lot of people believe that eating healthy is all about deprivation and strict dieting. That is possibly the worst approach. At FZM Boutique Fitness, we encourage our clients to enjoy food and eat well instead of eating less. It is a misconception that you need to live on salads if you are trying to lose weight. With a bit of research and awareness, you can make informed dietary choices anywhere.

For a pocket-friendly and satiating meal, head to Subway. Be sure to request for brown bread and ask them to hollow out the soft bread filling leaving only the crusty shell of the loaf. Just that cuts out around 80 calories! Skip cream based sauces, emphasise the vegetables and get double protein to ensure that you meet your daily nutritional needs.

If you opt for the Subway salad, don’t order any dressing. Stick to lemon juice or 1 tbsp olive oil to add flavour. Fatty dressings like ranch, mayo and thousand islands easily 100 calories per serving to your meal!

Our favourite joint at Dolmen Mall is Rowtisserie. The flame-grilled chicken is fresh, wholesome and nutritious. There is a common misconception that consuming chicken skin makes you fat. A 12 ounce chicken breast has 2.5 grams of saturated fat and only 50 calories more than its skinless counterpart.

Furthermore, 55% of the fat in chicken skin is mono saturated (heart healthy) fat. So if you and your family do splurge on gloriously crisp roasted chicken, it is actually quite healthy! Opt for brown pita with your chicken and add a side of oil-free hummus to get a natural boost of iron, folate, phosphorus and essential B-vitamins.

If you are in the mood for something more upmarket, head to Espresso or Butlers for the best salads (dressing on the side) and open-faced, low-fat paninis. As far as coffee is concerned, stick to Espresso, Americano or a low-fat milk latte sweetened with brown sugar. Brown sugar gives you a dab of calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium whereas white sugar has zero nutritional value.

For desi food lovers, Dolmen has fantastic options like Bombay Chowpaty and ChachaJee. Stick to the BBQ items on the menu if you are watching your weight. The delicious kebabs are grilled to perfection!

Often, you might feel like grabbing a light meal on the go. GreenO at Dolmen Mall has the freshest fruit salads and green juices. Whenever possible, opt for green juices over fruit juices because they are much lower in sugar and pack in many essential vitamins and minerals.

If you are in a hurry, head over to Hyperstar for the cheap, clean and fresh fruit salads prepared with the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

At FZM Boutique Fitness, we are firm believers in the weekly cheat meal. Research has shown that cheat meals rev up your metabolism and trick the body into burning more fat! So allow yourself to indulge once a week! We love the desserts at Lals and Cosmopolitan and are fans of Gun Smoke! It's okay to live a little, especially if you are vigilant about your diet and consistent with exercise!

Need to burn the calories? Do some post Iftar shopping at the mall and end the trip with a fat-burning cup of green tea at Espresso!