Mohsin Abbas Haider Caught In a Shocking Scandal

Mohsin Abbas Haider Caught In a Shocking Scandal
Over the weekend Mohsin Abbas Haider got caught in a horrifying scandal lead by his wife Fatema Sohail. In a shocking Facebook status, Fatema finally stands up and reveals that she is a victim of domestic violence. 

Fatema shared a long status via her Facebook explaining how it all started when she found out her husband was cheating on her. Instead of admitting his foolish act, Mohsin beat her up. Fatima at the time was pregnant with their child. For the sake of her child, Fatema kept quiet and swallowed the incident hoping this would be a one time thing. Unfortunately, it wasn't.

The news took the internet by storm and left fans as well as the Pakistani entertainment industry in shock and anger. Many stars took to their Social Media platforms utterly disgusted and voiced their thoughts on such situations.

Surprisingly, Dua Malik and Mir Gohar Rasheed know about the incidents they were witnesses.

Domestic violence shouldn't be taken lightly. Times up! No one should get away with this, justice will be served!