Shola Karachi Kitchen: Excellent Takeaway That Delivers Delicious Food In Islamabad

Shola Karachi Kitchen: Excellent Takeaway That Delivers Delicious Food In Islamabad
Inspired by the bustling streets of Karachi, SHOLA Karachi Kitchen serves authentic and hygienic food through their convenient takeaway right in the heart of Islamabad! For the expats in UK, they also have a step-in restaurant in White City Hall London, serving the same mouth-watering flavors and carefully crafted Pakistani cuisine!


Our team enjoyed a mouth-watering lunch that satisfied our taste buds with the delicious food they had delivered to our office. We were five people to indulge in this delicious in lunch and ordered 10 items off their menu. Best part? We ended up having leftovers! The quantity was perfect and so was the pricing as it was very reasonable.

HELLO! suggestion: The food needs to be shared. It would be very convenient if they could introduce a one person meal where one can order two to three items but in a limited serving.

What we ate;


  1. Beef Seekh Kebab-- so soft! Just melts in your mouth once you take a bite.


  1. Bhagharay Baingan
  2. Tamatar Ki Chutney
  3. Phulka
  4. Lachaydaar Paratha-- the only thing were the sides were too flakey and hard, while the center was still super soft.
  5. Meetha Paratha-- everyone's favourite! The sweetness was just perfect, balanced out perfectly.


  1. Palak Paneer-- we were expecting it to be a little more flavourful and spicy and a little less mild.
  2. Chicken Shaami Kebab
  3. Chicken Karahi
  4. Bun Kebab-- this the newest addition on their menu and we were so lucky to be one of the first few ones to find out and try it. We absolutely loved it.

Final verdict: definitely going to order more often from here!


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