Komal Rizvi recently appeared on a Ramadan transmission, along with Shoaib Malik hosted by Nida Yasir. Both stars shared details from their personal lives as well as how they change their habits during the Holy Month. 

The morning show began with Malik narrating what goes on behind the scenes in the lives of athletes, with a focus on the fasting era.

 “When It’s time for Ramazan, I see it from the perspective of a cricketer who has to keep training in mind,” he said of his daily routine these days. “I have to shortlist my schedule to figure out how I can train to maintain my athletic side for future leagues or plans.” 

Moving on, the lambi judai singer was questioned on her married life and further plans! Rizvi talked about how certain things kept her from working in Oman “I was living for four years with him and the only way I could do something for myself was to give tuitions to earn. Later, I learnt how to cook and that became the way for me to earn. I would sell my food at stores in order to survive an abusive marriage.” 

Furthermore, Nida Yasir asked her why she calls it an abusive marriage.  “The first time he hit me with a soda bottle and pushed me. I developed a bruise around my eye and when my parents noticed it they immediately wanted me to come back home.” 

She further added “I have a strong backing and by that, I mean a lot of supporters such as my brother and parents who have helped me through this journey.” She continued, “It doesn’t matter if you’re independent, strong or even educated when you encounter a mentally ill person who you are destined to spend rest of your life with. I was married for six years where I found myself to be helpless. I was physically abused and went to bed on an empty stomach for months because I didn’t have allowance to even eat.”

Komal Rizvi shed light on the importance of having a healthy relationship with your partner. 

“If your partner is supportive and great, then life will be heavenly. But if your partner is problematic, then your life is worse than hell!”

Kudos to Komal Rizvi for pulling her self out of a dark place and handling everything so gracefully. We need more women like her, to help and motivate other women, who may be going through anything similar!

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