Best Home Cleaning Range by JB Saeed Studio

JB Saeed studio located at Bukhari Commercial DHA phase 6, is a one-stop solution for all your home necessities. They have recently launched their all-new range of home cleaning supplies that will make your homes always sparkle and shine. JB Saeed studio ( really knows how to help you take care of your homes and ensure cleanliness. JB Saeed cleaning supplies( include mop bucket, cleaning mop, squeegee, cleaning brush, dishwashing gloves, microfiber cloth and lots more.

Cleaning products play a vital role in our day-to-day life. These help us get rid of dust, dirt, germs and facilitate a cleaner environment. JB Saeed studio’s cleaning mop and mop buckets are the best product to be used to clean your floors. Their mops have a 360-degree spinning system and are compact and easy to use. The mop bucket is light weight and easy to carry and prevents any splashes of water. The bristles of the mop are soft and can easily clean under furniture pieces too.

They also have the perfect cleaning products for toilets and bathrooms. Their toilet brush and cleaning brush are a must have for all households to keep their bathrooms and toilets clean and shining. These toilet brushes come with holders too, so they not just protect your brush from getting dirty but also add to the aesthetics. They are easy to use and clean. They have squeegees too that can be used to clean windows and bathroom mirrors. Their squeegee category includes window squeegees as well as floor squeegees.

JB Saeed studio also ensures your safety. Their cleaning products consist of dishwashing gloves that come in handy while washing dishes every day. Their rubber surface is non-slippery so your dishes are safe and will not slip and shatter. The gloves also protect your hands and give a better grip to hold the dishes while washing. 

The microfiber cloth is a necessity in all households. They are used to clean dust from furniture pieces or clean kitchen or bathroom slabs. The smart microfiber makes it durable and good quality. These cloths are also available in packs and sets and serve as the perfect cleaning starter pack. 

If you also want to see your houses, bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms neat and clean, head to JB Saeed studio or visit their website to shop for your cleaning supplies and make your house shine like never before.

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