UAE Based Initiative SoPritti Brings Customers The Best In Fashion Exhibitions

UAE Based Initiative SoPritti Brings Customers The Best In Fashion Exhibitions
SoPritti is a UAE-based initiative that brings customers the best in fashion and art through glamorous and exclusive exhibitions. The CEO and founder, Pritti Nanda has lived in the UAE for the past 35 years, with a deep understanding of fashion, style and the marketability of designers as well as the demands of customers.

SoPritti events are always famed for bringing the best of fashion, glamour and art under one roof. What inspired you to host the upcoming event on October 24th?

Thank you for the compliment. 2020 has been a trying year and one thing that makes me happy is shopping and fashion. I was contemplating the event but considering the precautions the government has taken and SoPritti will be taking I am happy for the event to go ahead. Life goes on and so does fashion.

How would you describe the upcoming exhibition with the top tier designers from both India and Pakistan presenting their creative work?

Each one of them have a unique taste and style and we have carefully curated them from both countries to give our customers the best selection. So where Rizwan Beyg represents the true rural to runway flair of Pakistan there's Rimple and Harpreet - the wedding experts from India and Wardha Saleem, the Queen of Color, meeting Rina Dhaka with her funk and edge, it's a purely eclectic mix.

Do you think this event will inspire a cultural fusion for people with renowned designers such as Rizwan Beyg, Agha Noor, Rimple & Harpreet and Rina Dhaka all showing their wonderful work?

I have been doing this event for years and one thing I am blessed is for designers like Rizwan Beyg, Agha Noor, Rimple & Harpreet and Rina Dhaka. They set the tone for fashion and I definitely think they inspire a lot of people and have created a brand loyalty with their customers.

The global pandemic has restricted so many events over the previous months, will SoPritti’s latest exhibition be the productive move the people need as well as influential designers who are showcasing their work?

I certainly hope so. I cant speak for others but if you look around life is as close to the new normal now. We need to be safe, take the necessary precautions and follow simple rules for COVID as dictated by the government. Following simple steps and being responsible will help us move forward not only as human beings but as the industry. I hope all events can proceed and are safe.

In your opinion, will the exhibition be a monumental move in the future of event planning for the fashion world on international platforms such as the UAE?

I certainly think so. Confidence in travel is still low with many wedding and casual shoppers preferring to shop locally. Our platform fulfils this need to shop safely in the country and fulfilling our customers needs at a one stop destination which is SoPritti. It’s about the smaller pleasures of shopping locally with the best of best designers at your doorstep.

Seems like events are now ready to roll out again as the global economy wakes up post Covid. We are looking forward to this one on the 24th of October in Swiss hotel Al Murooj and hope to see the calendar light up once again!!

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