Winter Brides: Anam Falak Shows You How To Doll Yourself Up This Season

Winter Brides: Anam Falak Shows You How To Doll Yourself Up This Season
Come winter season and it’s bridal, dinner and evening ball season once again, where the weather is pleasant and everyone is in their merriest spirits and best behaviour. We all know that the brides are usually the centre of attention at our extravagant weddings, but here are some tips to get you noticed and feel great when you doll yourself up into a glamazon!


1. There’s nothing more I recommend pre-event than to make sure you are well hydrated, and well rested. Lack of sleep can result in a fatigued looking face as well as dark circles and tear troughs that are quite tricky to hide with make-up and trust me, you want to look fresh and glowy for that important event! Make sure you use a good moisturiser and primer before you apply your makeup. Winter weather results in dry chapped skin and that should be the least of your worries when you want your skin to exude airbrush-like flawlessness! Plus the primer makes your make-up last super long!

2. Keep a small hydrating mist spray with you in case you feel your face needs a bit of glowy fresh-up, but you are not carrying a tonne of makeup in your tiny clutch to do that. I love the tiny pocket sized mists that Evian makes!

3. Last but not the least, keep smiling throughout the event and in all your photos - one looks more charming and flawless with a beautiful smile and even the tiniest of imperfections go unnoticed with that megawatt smile.


1. If it’s an outdoor event, try styling your hair into a chic updo – an intricate braid or a sleek chignon, be it low or high instead of the usual

blow-dry because with the windy weather, it can result in you ending up with a style-less !yaway frizz-bomb of a hairstyle!

2. A day before the event, make sure you hydrate your hair. It’s as important as hydrating your skin and prepping it before make-up application. This means, leave either an intensive conditioner or a conditioning hair mask in your hair overnight so that when you wash your hair before styling it the next day, not only is it silky soft and manageable, but also holds the style much better.

3. Your hairspray and your teasing comb are your best friends to carry in your clutch for last minute ladies room touch-ups. Also, make sure your

style stays in place throughout the event, especially if it’s a long one! My favourite hairspray to date is L’Oréal Elnett.

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