The Biggest Social Media Event You Wouldn’t Want To Miss

The Biggest Social Media Event You Wouldn’t Want To Miss

It’s finally time to see all your favorite YouTubers come together in a cricket ground for an epic face off between them taking place in Karachi this month, thanks to Soul Digital’s Presents Pakistan YouTubers Cup Powered by Tello Talk.

Who doesn’t like listening to Junaid Akram use his sarcastic satire to have a go at the people in one of his comedy videos? Who doesn’t love watching Mooroo hop country after country, with his lovely voice in tow? Or who doesn’t like laughing with the Karachi Vynz’s team as they use their comedy to pass on critical messages? 

  YouTube is an integral part of the digital world now, and the Pakistani YouTubers community have won hearts all over with their massive local, as well as international following. It is pretty common to have cricket matches for actors, models and other celebrities, but with the kind of immense fan following these social media influencers have generated for themselves in the Pakistani market, it only makes complete sense to get them all under one roof to not just bond with their audience, but to also show them another side of their world, the one that’s usually behind the camera. 

 26th November, 2019, the Naya Nazimabad Cricket Stadium will see a phenomenal gathering of all of these comedians ready to make their audience laugh with them as they, along with their teams, not only battle it out on the cricket ground, but also get a chance to meet and greet and laugh with their audiences. With comedy shows and food stalls in place, this one seems to be an event that needs to be on the radar of every Pakistani. 

Social media influence has been all the rage in the recent year. With the populous presence of platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter making waves in the digital world in the past decade or so, common people like us have had a chance to showcase our talents and get our voices across, and Soul Digital, a digital signage company, has taken this chance to bring them all together in one event. While it isn’t unusual to see famous cricketers like Younis Khan on the ground, or actors like Humayun Saeed on it either, what’s more heartwarming for the general audience is to see laymen who have stepped up the ladder over the years in front of them gain such respect and come under one roof to share that success with others. 

Cricket is in every Pakistani’s blood and it’s the one thing that can easily excite and unite us. So, are we ready to see which one of our favorite YouTuber is going out on duck, and which one would be the next Shahid Afridi with one six after another? 

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