Amir Khan Embarrassed After Accusing His Partner of "Silly Things"

Amir Khan Embarrassed After Accusing His Partner of
After a year of ups and downs, Amir Khan and Faryal Makhdoom reconciled last week.  

The Pakistani boxer has admitted he feels embarrassed for the way he handled things when his wife and him decided to split up.

The 30-year-old said,

“I think if you look at the whole situation, it was all just silly, starting with the texts, then when I accused her of messaging Joshua, it was all just nonsense really from the start,” reported The Mirror.

He added, “And then we sat down and thought ‘Look, we’ve got a family’. Also, she’s expecting so we have to think for the kids. In life you have to forgive. We have to move forward and move on from things like that.”

“I made a few silly mistakes. I did put my life on social media, I assumed things which were wrong. So I kind of embarrassed myself.”

“Amir’s hoping he can use the show as a springboard to help rebuild some of the damaged public perception of him after his marriage split,” a source told The Sun.