Meghan Markle Rocked a Messy Bun, Yet Again

Meghan Markle Rocked a Messy Bun, Yet Again

Keeping up with the royal trends might become a lot easier if this trend set by Meghan Markle holds!

Appearing at an official royal visit in Cardiff earlier this week, Meghan Markle subtly pulled of a casual, messy bun, similar to what she sported a week earlier. It's pretty much a hairstyle that you might rock while sitting at your desk - parted in the middle, a few flyaway pieces cascading over the ears, and an imperfect bun with teased crown. Still, she manages to look great as ever, especially paired with her chic monochromatic coats and well-tailored dresses to round out the ensemble.

Her bun isn’t a doughnut topknot. It’s not the Hollywood wave style she wore so often as an actress. It might be the first-ever royal messy bun and we are in love!

It is allegedly inspiring other women to have less-than-perfect hair.

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