PepsiCo With Purpose - Next Generation Agriculture

PepsiCo With Purpose - Next Generation Agriculture

PepsiCo organized an event titled ‘With Purpose’ at the Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore. The event showcased PepsiCo’s sustainability efforts in four key areas; next generation agriculture practices, access to safe water, women empowerment and youth employment. The evening also served as a platform for four brilliant young speakers to share their vision of purpose and social impact. 

The event focused on the four pillars of PepsiCo’s ‘Winning with Purpose’ Agenda in Pakistan. Installations demonstrating PepsiCo’s impact in each area were appreciated by the attendees. In the area of agriculture, PepsiCo is leading the Next Generation Agriculture Practices in Pakistan by helping its farmers adopt high efficiency irrigation systems, educating them on alternatives to stubble burning, encouraging peer to peer learning and water conservation. Since 2017, PepsiCo has helped its farmers reduce water consumption by 2.6 billion liters.

Agriculture is the foundation of the food system and the root of PepsiCo’s business. To make it’s foods and beverages, PepsiCo uses more than 25 crops sourced across 60 countries, and supports over 100,000 jobs in and throughout it’s agricultural supply chain.

PepsiCo engages with growers with farms of all sizes and types around the world in order to encourage continual improvement in sustainable farming practices, ensuring respect for workers' human rights, enhancing growers' capabilities, addressing health and safety protocols. PepsiCo provides education on field agronomy, fertilizers, irrigation, plant protection techniques and new technologies, supporting farmers to adapt best practice to fit the crop and local circumstances.

PepsiCo’s Winning with Purpose 2025 agenda has set a series of goals with the objective of increasing the percentage of key agricultural raw materials that the company can sustainably source. In addition, by 2025, PepsiCo aims to expand SFP across 7 million acres to increase responsible agricultural practices, improve crop yields and growers’ livelihoods, and advance respect for workers’ fundamental human rights.


Watch the video below, to learn more about PepsiCo’s Sustainable Farming Practices for the company’s partner potato growers:

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