5 Easy Remedies for Happier, Healthier Feet

5 Easy Remedies for Happier, Healthier Feet

Beautiful sandals and colourful flipflops, like all things pretty come with a price: foot cramps and cracked heels. Fortunately, these simple, easy remedies can provide sweet relief.

Here are some foot care do's and don'ts that we should all strive towards for healthier, happier feet:

1. Scrub your feet daily with an antibacterial soap to prevent cracked heels and calluses.

2. Apply a foot cream/balm regularly to keep them soft and moisturised.

3. Keep your toenails short, giving less space for dirt to collect.

4. Soak your feet in luke warm water to avoid swelling.

5. Don't sleep with socks on every night, your skin needs to breathe to remain healthy.

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